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Keyword results: Cathal Friel


Photo Article No 2 Sharestock 2023 - the worst dressed speaker contest, Jim's Dog meets one of my cats & the Tingo spy

After Brian Kinane finished it was myself and Peter Brailey on oil stocks. I want you to appreciate how awful is his dress sense. Jim Mellon’s dog could not handle Peter’s shirt and went outside to talk to one of my cats and also to my wife and Dominic Frisby, a man sporting an equally high volume jacket. My wife is the lady not leading the dog, that is Jim's sister.

Paul Jourdan, Evil Banksta and Cathal Friel join the ShareStock line-up

It is still 230 days to ShareStock, the shares festival held in a tent on an elevated lawn here at my family’s farmhouse here in Wales on the banks of the River Dee, just a few miles from Chester. Yet we can now announce (almost) the complete speaker line-up.

BREAKING: Cathal Friel explains why the Reabold board must be sacked – back Cathal & sack the losers

Reabold Resources (RBD) now faces a sack the board resolution spearheaded by Donegal’s finest Cathal Friel. Friel has, in various share issuances, poured vast amounts of Euro into the company. He has skin in the game and he and fellow shareholders owning 6.93% collectively want change. They have had enough of failure being rewarded. As you can see HERE, we have exposed the charlatans who run this company before. And in response to the resolution, the charlatans are playing fast and lose with the truth once more. They say:

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Picture Article Sharestock 2022, 10 AM to c12

Folks carried on tucking into croissants however much I urged them to go to the main tent. The home made jam was just so good. But the cat was patient and still waiting for us and Gabriel Grego was ready and, later than scheduled Lucian and I kicked the day off. We over-ran too but talked about a lot of crooks.


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Saying the unsayable about Ukranian hookers

I start with a look at wider stockmarket sell offs in the UK, US and especially Germany and what we – who will all be down – should be doing about it. I warn that if you go full bear you could be burned when most shares spike or rebound as will happen at some point. I comment specifically on the frauds Chill Brands (CHLL) and Supply@ME Capital (SYME) and on Ukranian hookers and fake news and also on Ten Lifestyle (TENG). And I discuss pen Orphan (ORPH) vs Braveheart (BRH), the saintly Cathal Friel vs the spiv chancer Trevor Brown. It is all to do with returning capital or not.

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Why no share buyback at Open Orphan?

Some folks are pissed off at the share price and ask me why Open Orphan (ORPH) does not use some of its cash to buy back shares? I put this to Orphan’s boss Cathal Friel who says:

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This Medical Pioneer Is Scooping Contracts and There's New Skin in the Game

Hello, Share Lovers. One of the best indicators of a company that might be going places is when directors have skin in the game. That is: they own a lot of shares. And it’s better still when they’ve very recently bought more. So perhaps it’s time to have another look at a AIM medical pioneer, Open Orphan (ORPH).


BREAKING: FinnCrap says it has found a (laughable) excuse to up Open Orphan price target

Following yesterday’s shock revelations here of fine upstanding behaviour by no one at all in the Open Orphan (ORPH) camp apart from the company’s saintly boss Cathal Friel, the company’s retained broker, FinnCap (FCAP), has it appears been forced to issue a short statement.

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The hype over SPACs and why UK listed companies don't fit the bill

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) seem to be the new buzz word in the UK markets at the moment, certainly amongst PIs on social media anyway, and it would also seem that a few AIM company directors are getting involved as well.

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Into the Mountfield sewers wade Cathal Friel and, maybe, Open Orphan

After years as a serial AIM dog about which we repeatedly warned, Mountfield Group (MOGP) is now  a cash shell c/o a Peterhouse Corporate Finance Special. A recent placing at 0.1975p has allowed many of the spiv, sewer dwelling, clients of Peterhouse to flip their stock for a quick turn. For them and also the advisers who racked up costs of c£300,000 on the £3.1 million placing it is coke, hookers and in many cases warrants all round. Yum Yum. But this is perhaps not a total tale from the sewer.

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Open Orphan – can these Covid 19 antibody testing numbers be correct? Clarifying RNS needed ASAP

Last night Cathal Friel gave a a video interview on behalf of Open Orphan (ORPH)where he discussed a new test for Covid antibodies, like the Roche one, that open Orphan is involved in rolloing out. The video is below. An RNS to clarify quite extraordinary numbers given by Cathal in this interview is, IMHO, needed asap.

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FREE Podcast: ShareProphets Radio Edition 27 with Tom Winnifrith, Cathal Friel of Open Orphan and 11 stocks to go to zero

I have I guest in this week's show which is sponsored by Open Orphan PLC (ORPH) and it is the company's chairman Cathal Friel. I think I gave him a hard time on certain matters but I came away a very happy shareholder. I discuss Coronavirus and the market crash and why I would now be a selective buyer of blue chips right now. But i accept facts have changed and in that light I also cover 11 stocks which could well be zeros and I explain why. If you like this podcast and can't wait seven days for more of the same and are tired of being a cheapskate you should listen to my Bearcast and enjoy our cracking writen exposes and analysis every day HERE.

Open Orphan - WSJ article of note re Coronavirus

Check out what Cathal Friel of Open Orphan (ORPH) had to say about the 24 room isolation unit his company owns in the free ShareProphets Radio podcast last week HERE. Last year the utilisation was 25%, right now it must be c100% and one can only imagine the daily rate. In light of that, an article from the WSJ is below. 


Open Orphan, I am a tit who has been played but I am not selling, in fact…

I feel like a right tit this morning. I feel played. No, I have been played. But am I selling my shares in anger, au contraire. I am certainly not as they will march materially higher.

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Open Orphan- £5m placing at premium to current share price is set to be oversubscribed it says

Well that is not something you don’t see on AIM every day. My share tip of the year at 4.6p to buy on January 1, Open Orphan (ORPH) now sees its shares, which I own some of, trading at 6.45-6.5p. But the excitement is only now starting –  the company is now saying that a £5 million placing at a premium to today's share price  looks set to be heavily oversubscribed. Let me explain what happens next.


Open Orphan share tip of the year update, I don't want to appear too smug but....

At the time of the tip on January 1 the shares were 4.6p to buy. They are now 6.2p to sell.  Not bad but there is a stack more to come at Open Orphan (ORPH) and I expect to be able to sell my shares at 10p+ within months. The boss, Cathal Friel, has just recorded an interview (below) with the investment whores at Proactive which is not as explicit as I am about forecasts but makes some critical points.

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FREE Podcast: ShareProphets Radio Edition EIGHT with Tom Winnifrith, Frisby, Bramhill & Friel

In this eighth edition of the ShareProphets Radio podcast, sponsored by Yorkville Advisors, in order I discuss my guest next week (the biggest name yet on the show) and Burford (BUR) and the more general issue of revenue recognition. I then chat for about an hour to liberatrian comedian, songwriter and singer, Brexit Party activist, gold & bitcoin guru Dominic Frisby. Prepare for a few laughs. Then it is Cathal Friel of Open Orphan (ORPH), where I am a shareholder, and finally David Bramhill of Union Jack Oil (UJO). After that section I discuss nearology with reference to Union Jack, UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and more generally.  If you like this and can't wait seven days for more of the same you should listen to my Bearcast every day.


Venn Life Sciences – shares restored at a massive premium… but much more to come

Drug development & clinical trial services company Venn Life Sciences (VENN) has announced audited 2018 results, a placing and acquisition (in which Tom Winnifrith has shares) progress which has seen the shares restored to trading – and we have chatted with CEO Cathal Friel…

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Venn Life Sciences – transformative acquisition

Venn Life Sciences (VENN) has served up 2018 results which, predictably, were a bit of a kitchen sink affair. But that is not the real news. This is the RTO of Open Orphan, which will be transformational. Ahead of that the shares will be suspended...

Venn Life Sciences – loan note issued. Hold tight, fireworks on the way

Venn Life Sciences (VENN), the AIM-listed integrated drug development partner, has announced that Raglan Capital, the vehicle of Cathal Friel, has subscribed for loan notes of £250,000...

Video: Cathal Friel of Amyrt Pharma (formerly Fastnet) at UK Investor Show

Cathal Friel did the right thing in turning Fastnet (an oil company) into Amryt (AMYT) a pharmaceuticals play. We bought into the RTO placing. Here is Cathal explaining the story at UK Investor Show. Enjoy

Fastnet - a cracking RTO completed, we are well up on this share tip - more to go

Fastnet (FAST) has announced details of a proposed reverse acquisition of Amryt Pharmaceuticals, a £10 million share placing and capital reorganisation and the readmission of its shares to trading.

Fastnet reverse takeover could be imminent

Fastnet Equity (FAST) has been attracting plenty of attention this weekend after rumours that a takeover deal is very close to being completed.

Buy Fastnet Equity at 2.25p

This is really the simplest share tip we will ever make. And it is something of a nil brainer. The trade is to buy shares in Fastnet Equity (FAST) at a 2.25p offer and at up to 2.5p with a target to sell at 3p.

Buy Fastnet Equity (formerly Oil & Gas) at 2.15p

Fastnet (FAST) has been a company that's had its ups and downs. When things within the oil & gas sector just started to look terribly bleak earlier in the year, the company announced it would look to divest its resource assets to retain cash and move in a completely different direction - cue the birth of Fastnet Equity. 

Fastnet – Doing the Right thing even if it is red face time

A friend from God’s Chosen Country asks whether I should be slamming Fastnet (FAST) for getting out of the oil business. Au contraire. Yes there must be red faces at this AIM listed Irish oil explorer but I think it is doing the right thing and that more should follow. I applaud Cathal Friel for taking the flak for doing the right thing.


Video of the Oil experts Session at UK Investor Show - Horse Hill and much more

The oil experts main stage session at the UK Investor Show was hosted by scruffbum Ben Turney and featured Cathal Friel, Matt Lofgran, Kevin Foo and myself with a cameo appearance by Derek Musgrove when it came to Horse Hill. But the discussion was wide ranging. Oil prices to Africa to shares as you can see in the video below.

Hang onto Fastnet Oil and Gas

Today I take a look at one of the tips that has not gone so well to say the least. With the crude oil price cratering, so too has the share price of Fastnet (FAST), but it did not shed the majority on the back of the oil fall. Instead it decided to tank on the back of a comment by Chairman Cathal Friel to the press where he said that a return of cash and move into the medical sector could happen because of the oil price. The share price slumped 40% on that announcement which is an over-reaction and here is why. 


Tom Winnifrith on Monitise (set to slump), Amanda van Dyke, Audioboom, Fastnet, free pizza and wine – book your place on 27 October

The next ShareProphets seminar is on Monday 27 October in Clerkenwell London and there are still five seats left. On the menu – other than free pizza – are four speakers of note. To book one of those remaining seats just email your name and address to

Optibiotix – Video of Presentation at ShareProphets Seminar

Heck, I am biased, we own these shares, but I thought that the presentation by Steve O'Hara and Adam Reynolds of Optiobiotix (OPTI) at the second ShareProphets seminar was pretty compelling. I certainly view the shares as cheap on the basis of what I heard. To ensure that you get priority booking for future seminars (the next one is on 27 October )  and features myself, Amanda van Dyke of Bluebird Merchant Ventures, Rob Proctor of Audioboo and Cathal Friel of Fastnet Oil & Gas register HERE.

Fastnet Oil & Gas - a bumpy ride but is the story good? Watch the video and decide for yourself

It has been a bumpy ride over the past few months for Fastnet (FAST) but its CEO Cathal Friel is an impressive chap and with oil stocks back in vogue is he worth backing? Watch this video from the UK Investor show and decide for yourself.


Small Cap Oil & Gas CEOS: Lenigas, Lofgran, Friel, Foo and Rankine in Video Action

Now that small cap oil stocks are back in fashion if you are searching for a few ideas of where to put your money have a butchers at this video of FIVE CEOs from AIM enjoying a friendly banter about what is hot and what is not in the sector and what will be hot. This was recorded just three months ago at the UK INvestor Show and it is amazing how many good calls were made then The CEO stars are Matt Lofgran (Nostra Terra), David Lenigas (Leni Oil & Gas), Kevin Foo (Victoria Oil & Gas), Paul Rankine (Tomco) and Cathal Friel (Fastnet)

UK Investor Show 2014 video - Cathal Friel of Fastnet

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by Cathal Friel of Fastnet (FAST)

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