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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Maybe I was wrong (it happens now and again) on AEX Gold

Published 23 days ago

I start with a London millionaire slating me for being an Alt Right billionaire. I am neither but our in-house Euro loon Jonathan Price is a peculiar fellow. I look at the madness at Vela (VELA), at Future (FUTR) and its trading statement (a win so far for Mark Slater vs Matt Earl), at what Verditek (VDTK) did NOT say, and at AEX Gold (AEXG) where the CEO is 13, or at least looks it, but I may have been a bit harsh before.

They predicted “the crisis of 2020” ... in 1991

Published 123 days ago

A broken clock is right twice a day

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Do not celebrate my Optibiotix humiliation too much & the murky uber ramp at AAA

Published 166 days ago

I start with a note on Bidstack (BIDS), which I shall be taking up with AIM Regulation over the weekend and end with Future (FUTR) which needs to issue a profits warning. In the middle I go therough the very murky tale at AIM listed All Active Asset (AAA) which sees uber ramper Chris Akers in action and Peterhouse Corporate Finance boss Peter Greensmith make a £768,000 killing in his private vehicles while acting as broker and pulling the strings at AAA and also acting as broker to suspended AIM stock Asimilar which is involved in this strange tangle. Then it is onto Optibiotix (OPTI) and a small placing. But this is not a bailout as Cynical will no doubt claim but,possibly a gateway, to a mega re-rate as I explain.

Hoping the Corona legacy will bring some benefits (& a couple of bear tips)...

Published 180 days ago

As I write the Dow is down 25% year-to-date and 28% from its all-time high struck seven weeks ago on Feb 12th. Amongst the maelstrom of opinion and statistics that surfaced in March, the fact is that none of us have a clue what the future holds – least of all the financial experts (Ray Dalio: “cash is trash”, Steve Mnuchin: “this is not a financial crisis but we need to print 3 trillion now”). It is encouraging that the new heroes are health workers and not hedge fund managers and clueless treasury officials. My view is that the falls do not remotely reflect the severity of the economic situation, but that is beside the point

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Unable to answer the question posed by Nick Leeson

Published 194 days ago

I start with Malcolm Stacey's column today and explain why he is wrong in his conclusions about supermarkets. Then I try but fail to answer Leeson's question about the markets. I discuss Zoetic (ZOE), Marks & Spencer (MKS), JD Wetherspoon (JDW), Future (FUTR), Rightmove (RMV) and Purplebricks (PURP)

Time to close all your shorts? Sort of! But two to open!

Published 194 days ago

It strikes me that having a big short position right now might be a tad unwise and indeed smart bears are closing many positions. Do not get me wrong, I think that the medical and financial crisis has a good way to run but none the less there are very real dangers in being short. Having said that I suggest to you two stocks where if you are not short yet, you may wish to open a position. I also urge you all to keep safe and stay well.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Shopping online at Tesco I report back on loo rolls, baked beans, soups and delivery snags

Published 204 days ago

This is all to do with my own panic shopping but what it told me about how others are behaving. If folks think that most consumers continue to act as if nothing is wrong, think again. Then I look at Future (FUTR) which i don't believe as it issues a trading statement, round two of beer and popcorn at Iofina (IOF) as the great Brexit bad boy Arron Banks makes his move, French Connection (FCCN) and ValiRx (VAL) botb of which look pretty fecked.

FREE Podcast: ShareProphets Radio Edition 24 with Tom Winnifrith and the Dark Destroyer Matt Earl

Published 227 days ago

My guest in this week's show which is sponsored by Open Orphan PLC (ORPH) is my old pal, the Dark Destroyer Matt Earl. We discuss how a bear can make money in this market, Tesla (TSLA), NMC Health (NMC), Finablr (FIN), Burford (BUR), IQE (IQE) and in real detail Mark Slater, Sam Antar and Future (FUTR) in the wake of Matt's bombshell dossier of last week. If you like this podcast and can't wait seven days for more of the same and are tired of being a cheapskate you should listen to my Bearcast every day.

Red Flag Spoof Alert: Future plc Director share purchases

Published 236 days ago

One of the signs that all is not well at a plc is when directors pile in for share purchases of a poxy amount to try to show confidence. And that brings me to Future plc (FUTR) which has been on the receiving end of a duffing up by our own Tom Winnifrith and the Dark Destroyer Matt Earl at Shadowfall. Of course, as Tom Winnifrith points out, Future’s response would have made the US fraudster-turned-fraudbuster Sam Antar proud: the report and criticisms were totally ignored.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: well done Mark Slater (I think)

Published 237 days ago

I think Mark did the right thing at the Future (FUTR) AGM but do not know as my friend might be a former friend as he does not seem to be speaking to me. I cannot think why.  I discuss this and what next for Future. I announce a 4th Rogue Blogger for Woodlarks and as we hit 2% of target beg you to sponsor us HERE. I discuss the strange lack of news from the stricken Gervais Williams Smaller Companies Fund and what it means then look at Eurasia (EUA) en passant, Miriad (MIRI) in some detail and the horrible problem poor Bobbie Hilliam of Quindell (QPP) infamy faces with Versarien (VRS) after today's shocking expose. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Sam Antar will be so proud of Future PLC

Published 240 days ago

I am not saying Future (FUTR) is a fraud just that the way it has responded to Matt Earl's devestating dossier will make my pal, the King of the Fraudsters, so incredibly proud. At last someone is following his advice on how to deal with critics. I also look at Burford (BUR), Big Dish (DISH), NAHL (NAH),Nostra Terra (NTOG),  St James Place (SJP) who I suggest hires Elizabeth Holmes and Julie "lingerie on expenses" Meyer at once, Versarien (VRS) and Arden Partners (ARD), home of the China fraud specialist Mr Paul Shackleton of Naibu (NBU) infamy.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: it really is time for start firing useless Nomads & Corporate advisors

Published 242 days ago

I start with a few words on Brexit Day and how we celebrated it HERE in Wales. Then with case studies Toople (TOOP) and Haydale (HAYD) I look at clear Nomad and adviser failings harking back to those at African Potash (AFPO) and suggesting why it is vital that, now, heads start to roll. I also discuss Future (FUTR) and Optibiotix (OPTI) and suggest that you all follow the great example of No Gold HERE 

The Dark Destroyer Matt Earl's Shadowfall outft publishes daming 69 page dossier on Future PLC

Published 243 days ago

We have been all over Future PLC (FUTR) this week with a three part special as you can see HERE. But now Matt Earl, the UK's smartest bear raider has gone short and published a major and damning dossier. You ignore the Dark Destoyer at your peril. His report is below.

Major Expose Part 3 of the Future house built on sand – Obscene executive greed & Mark Slater’s financial virtue signalling

Published 245 days ago

Britain's tiop fund manager, my pal Mark Slater, has said that he will vote down annual reports where he sees unacceptable executive greed yet his largest holding is Future (FUTR) which not only has major fundamental “funnies” but is a case study in obscene executive greed.

Major Expose Part 2 of the Future house built on sand - The Handy One-off Uplift in EBITDA

Published 246 days ago

Yesterday I demonstrated quite clearly that what Mark Slater and others think is a growth stock is nothing of the sort. Mark suggested that I speak to Future PLC (FUTR) before writing more as my FACTS were wrong. But the facts in the article, the numbers, came direct from Future PLC itself! And thus I persist with the second part of this series and, Mark, I warn you, there is far more to come.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Bat soup worries - should we sell becuase of the China Virus?

Published 247 days ago

In short no, although this virus could well be far larger than some folks (Lucian) think. Elsewhere I discuss useless research from broker Goetz and Optibiotix (OPTI), Future (FUTR), Amigo (AMGO), Iconic (ICON), Oracle (ORCP) and Petra Diamonds (PDL)

MAJOR EXPOSE: The Future House built on sand - Part 1 overstated organic revenue growth

Published 247 days ago

Future PLC (FUTR)  floated on AIM in June 1999, in the midst of the dotcom bubble. It listed at 385 pence per share, raising around £173 million, and valuing the company at £578 million. Within a year, its shares had risen by more than 100%. Within 2 years, its shares had fallen by almost 95% as its investments into new magazines and web sites failed to pay-off. While revenue jumped, it began to rack up losses.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Bear Raid on Future PLC - shares could still halve from here

Published 470 days ago

In today's podcast I look at Union Jack Oil (UJO), Sound Energy (SOU), Westminster Group (WSG), PCG Entertainment (PCGE), Bluejay (JAY), why Nigel Somerville is, today only, wrong about Neil Woodford, Future (FUTR) and Staffline (STAF).

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