Markets catch-up #2 after a mad few days

The world of investment is never simple, if it was we all would be on the beach all the time.  Life - in any case -  is always about how you respond to challenges and that brings us to the markets year-to-date. It is little surprise that the Russian ETF market is down over 80% year-to-date (assuming you can trade it) and little surprise that markets in Poland and Germany are both down more than 20%.  But despite all the pan-European angst, ETF markets in the United States, Japan, India and China are all down either side of 10%, far worse than the 5% fall seen by the UK ETF market and far, far worse than the year-to-date gains still seen by a third of global markets including Brazil, Chile, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, Nigeria and Canada.  Of course you all know why: high commodity market exposure - rather than the technology stocks that have dominated many investors over the last decade - has been rather helpful.

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