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Red Rock Resources – updates on “three key interests”...

2020-10-17 13:21:59

Red Rock Resources (RRR) has announced “an updating summary on the three key interests that are expected to be value drivers going forward”...


Red Rock Resources – discount placing raises £1m at 0.8p: Not impressed but not selling...

2020-09-30 10:10:00

I'm a pissed off shareholder. On Friday we had an update on Jupiter which indicated that Red Rock Resources (RRR) will continue to get enough in dividends to cover its costs. Great. So now Andrew Bell announces he has raised £1 million at 0.8p – the shares closed Friday at 1p, having been 1.05p midweek...


Red Rock Resources – Australia NI 43-101 report, target price increased...

2020-09-23 16:50:49

Red Rock Resources (RRR) “is pleased to announce that it has received the Independent National Instrument 43-101 Technical Report on the BMV Gold Project held by JV company Red Rock Australasia Pty Ltd (Red Rock Resources: 50.1%)… It is the opinion of the authors that, after reviewing historical results and other publicly available information and data from the BMV Gold Project, the project presents an excellent opportunity for the issuer and is worthy of additional exploration work, targeting high-grade, orogenic gold mineralization in the Bendigo and Melbourne structural zones” Good news, and not only for that reason...


Red Rock Resources – looks to add to uber hot Australia gold potential... and a hot rumour

2020-08-29 17:01:45

Red Rock Resources (RRR) has updated loyal shareholders such as myself that on “research, including the results of proprietary geophysical analysis… targets were identified across the western and southern boundaries of EL007329, one of the joint venture's eleven application areas in the Central Victoria Goldfields, and an application has therefore been submitted for a further tenement, EL007460 (‘Kilmore West’)”...


Red Rock Resources – “Update on COVID-19 Impact and Licensing” potentially very significant...

2020-08-20 10:26:54

Red Rock Resources (RRR) has updated investors with news on Australia; “movement between States restricted, with isolation imposed in Melbourne and parts of Victoria”, Kenya; “a daily curfew is in place from 9 pm to 4 am”, Congo; “no international flights or internal flights to and from Kinshasa are yet permitted, but international flights are beginning to operate from 15th August” and “the recorded cases in South Africa are nearly 12 times the level in the next worst affected African country, Nigeria” amidst various COVID-19 stats… but what’s the real company-specific import of its latest announcement?...


Red Rock Resources – spin-off potential, and more than one...BUY

2020-07-10 10:47:53

Red Rock Resources (RRR) has updated encouragingly on its Australia gold joint venture and Jupiter Mines interest…


Red Rock Resources – updates on Tshipi Borwa mine potential expansion, further value to come BUY

2020-01-12 17:57:03

Red Rock Resources (RRR) has updated following completion of an expansion concept study for the Tshipi Borwa manganese mine in South Africa…this is more good news not yet reflected in the share price.


Red Rock Resources – Jupiter Mines update & moves to get “developing story” out…

2019-11-02 05:53:25

Red Rock Resources (RRR) has updated on half-year results from Jupiter Mines (ASX - JMS) – which are to see it receive Australian$680,996 (approx. £0.36 million) in dividends from a holding valued on the Australian Stock Exchange at A$5.53 million – currently approx. £2.95 million. At a current 0.45p share price, Red Rock is itself capitalised at just above £3 million…


BREAKING: Red Rock’s Andrew Bell to stand against speaker John Bercow at next election

2019-09-07 08:38:56

By convention the speaker of the house of commons, standing as an independent, is returned unopposed by the major parties. But John Bercow is a divisive fellow.


Red Rock Resources – Jupiter Mines update – this share is just unbelievably cheap

2019-05-26 19:23:45

I know that a lot of folks do not like Red Rock Resources (RRR) boss Andrew Bell and so disregard all fundamentals for his company. Perhaps why these shares are just so stunningly cheap as news from Jupiter Mines makes clear. I do like Bell and do not hide the fact that he is my friend but I would not buy shares in his company just on that basis.


Red Rock Resources – “stepped up the pace in Congo”, Buy to almost double

2019-03-07 08:30:39

“Cobalt/Copper Joint Venture - Congo” announcement from Red Rock Resources (RRR) – with Chairman Andrew Bell stating “with the elections there having passed peacefully, we have again stepped up the pace in Congo and put in place the final documents allowing us to pursue the JV project”


Red Rock Resources – cash incoming as Jupiter Mines announces dividend amount

2019-02-21 07:28:48

Red Rock Resources (RRR) has updated following a dividend announcement by Jupiter Mines (ASX - JMS), in which it holds 18,524,914 shares (0.95%)…


Red Rock Resources – Jupiter Mines to receive further distribution, dividend to Red Rock incoming

2019-02-15 03:00:00

Red Rock Resources (RRR) has noted an update from Jupiter Mines which includes “the board of Tshipi é Ntle Manganese Mining (Pty) Ltd has resolved to distribute a R1.1 billion H2 2019 dividend to its shareholders”...


Red Rock Resources – updates on Congo progress, Buy to almost double

2019-02-09 07:10:57

Red Rock Resources (RRR) has updated having concluded the first phase of work on the Musonoi licence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, noting “the derivation of a 3-D model that appears to support some of the assumptions on which we invested is an important staging post on our journey”


Red Rock – update…getting there: BUY ( to double)

2019-02-02 03:16:54

Red Rock Resources (RRR) has updated us on progress on its African operations.


UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Making Money in Africa

2018-05-11 01:06:41

This session was chaired by our own Chris Bailey  and featured Andrew Bell of Red Rock (RRR), Rob Scott of Anglo African Agriculture (AAAP - where we own shares - Ahmet Dik of Victoria Oil & Gas (VOG) and Colin Bird of numerous companies, including Jubilee Metals (JLP) tipped by Andrew Monk this morning.


UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources

2018-05-06 02:07:52

He is my friend but, I am aware, not universally appreciated. A marmite figure. Welcome to Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources (RRR)


UK Investor Show Video Dragon's Den 3: Tom, Nigel Wray and Steve Moore invest another £3,000

2018-04-29 02:08:36

At UK Investor Show there were six Dragon's Den sessions. As a result of each £3,000 of my real money was invested after each dragon picked one of the 5 companies doing an elevator pitch. In session three the Dragons were me (Tom Winnifrith), Nigel Wray and Steve Moore.  The companies pitching were: Vast Resources, ECR Minerals, FairFX, Red Rock Resources and Ferrum Minerals.


Smart deal and Smart Financing by Red Rock

2018-04-05 06:54:04

Tin hat on! Defending my friend Andrew Bell is always a way to get the modern equivalent of hate letters in green ink. But here goes anyway, proof that the guy can do smart deals and that those who say everything he does turns to dust are talking rubbish. Let's just look at some facts.


Not all alternative financings are death spirals - the case of Red Rock Resources

2017-06-30 03:46:32

The other day Red Rock Resources (RRR) announced a deal to fund the Steelmin smelter in Bosnia which involved some alternative financing from Yorkville. At once the critics of boss Andrew Bell - of whom there are more than a few - screamed "death spiral, dilution, the man hads gone mad." A few critics disagreed, arguing that Bell had always been mad. But perhaps before leaping to conclusions it is worth looking atnthe actual structure of the deal?


Video: Andrew Bell, CEO of Red Rock Resources, speaks at UK Investor Show 2017

2017-04-14 05:51:00

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, Andrew Bell, CEO of Red Rock Resources (RRR), is at the podium. And make sure that you keep April 21 2018 free for next year's UK Investor Show.


Red Rock Shoats Creek Disappoints but market gets it all wrong - buy

2017-01-14 06:48:21

Red Rock Resources (RRR) has seen its shares slide back to 0.5-0.55p ( we tipped this at a 0.5p offer in November and the shares were 0.7p+) after admittedly disappointing news from Shoats Creek, its US oil asset. But the market has over-reacted big time.


Red Rock small disposal, small beer: still a buy

2016-12-14 01:36:54

Red Rock Resources (RRR) has announced that it has sold 1,350,000 shares in AIM listed Goldstone Resources (GRL) for net proceeds of £15,625. Following these disposals, Red Rock's holding in Goldstone consists of 8,113,986 shares or 7.93% of Goldstone's issued share capital.


Red Rock Resources Results: The Dog is no longer

2016-12-03 21:31:04

We tipped Red Rock (RRR) just a week or so ago at a 0.50p offer. it is now 0.7p bid so the gain is 40% so far. Results for the year to June 30th were out on Friday and start with a comment from marmite Andrew Bell:


Red Rock Resources – cash inflows update & company chat...

2016-08-16 06:00:49

Following interim results in March noting an “objective of moving towards cash breakeven and then cash generation within this year”, Red Rock Resources (RRR) has today updated on cash inflows and I’ve spoken with the company...


UK Investor Show Video 2016 - Scott Kaintz presents for Red Rock Resources

2016-05-04 09:33:28

The first video to emerge from UK INvestor Show 2016 is of a presentation by Scott Kaintz of Red Rock Resources (RRR). Enjoy.


Video: Red Rock Resources presents at Gold & Bears - November 28 2015

2015-12-11 21:14:14

And now the man that some readers want me to dedicate my life to attacking. It is not going to happen folks. Here is Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources (RRR) presenting at Gold & Bears.


Red Rock Resources; is the tide turning?

2015-11-06 05:21:16

When I last wrote about Red Rock Resources (RRR) three months ago I said it looked like a “binary gamble”. So far the gamble has not paid off. Red Rock’s share price fell from 0.03p to 0.02p. However, the last two announcements from the company look surprisingly positive. In this morning’s trade, I’ve watched Red Rock’s Offer move from 0.025p to 0.03p on higher than average volume. Given that we are less than halfway through the session, this suggests that some in the market are starting to pay attention.


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Dax, Red Rock Resources, Star Striker

2015-11-06 05:13:39

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at the Dax and shares in Red Rock Resources (RRR) and Star Striker (ASX:SRT) together with some share price targets.


Red Rock Resources – at 0.03p it is a binary gamble

2015-07-30 04:42:28

As a former online poker player, I learned two things from that excruciatingly dull game. First, life is too short. Second, how important it is to play the averages. I’ve probably gained the most from the first lesson, but the second has proven to be surprisingly valuable on a daily basis. It taught me that consistent success often requires making counter-intuitive calls based purely on the long-term mathematical probability of success of repeating the same decision. This technique can often be applied to trading AIM stocks and at current levels Red Rock Resources (RRR) might present just such a set up.


Video of Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources with Sith Lord Zak Mir

2015-07-14 02:34:49

Amog the speakers at Zak Mir's event at Free Speech & Liberty Pizza last night (13 July 2015) was Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources (RRR). His conversation with the Sith Lord was recorded on video and can be seen below. To ensure you get priority free booking for Zak's future events register HERE


Exclusive Interview; Andrew Bell, CEO Red Rock Resources.

2015-07-10 07:42:06

We’ve received a lot of reader comments over the last week about Red Rock Resources (RRR) and our “refusal” to tackle Andrew Bell. For the most part, the accusations we (and Bell) have faced are nonsense. Red Rock has lost 99% of its value, but as Tom amusingly pointed out in his BearCast this morning that actually puts Red Rock in the top 30% of performers in the history of AIM! This won’t be much comfort to most holders of Red Rock and there are legitimate questions to ask Bell. Unlike the majority of executive directors in a similar position Bell has not shrunk into the shadows. Instead he has chosen to face publicly his critics. On Monday he will be appearing in person at Zak’s Trader’s Café, at the Free Speech and Liberty Pizza House, and today he’s just given me an interview.


Is the Sun at Last Rising on Sunrise Resources?

2015-06-01 23:31:26

Hello Share Bunnies. I don’t often comment on small mining companies. I’m far too likely to get grumpy about these adventurers. They have over the years lost me a lot of money. Even if one of them, Red Rock Resources (RRR) is on my radar for improvement at the moment, having lost me thousands in the past. But there has been some good news about another of my failures Sunrise Resources (SRES).


Video of Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources presenting at UK Investor Show 2015

2015-05-03 08:04:01

Having been the star of the explosive Horse Hill or Horse Shit forum at UK Investor Show (see HERE), Andrew Bell also presented on behalf of Red Rock Resources (RRR) as you can see in the video below.


Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources - is he delivering: watch the video and decide

2014-08-02 08:32:09

Along with David Lenigas, Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources (RRR) is one of the true marmite characters of AIM. In a sector that has been a nightmare for three years Red Rock has survived but is he delivering for shareholders?  And can he deliver more? Watch this video from UK Investor Show and decide for yourself. 


UK Investor Show 2014 video - Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources

2014-04-21 22:31:27

Direct from the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre a video featuring a UK Investor Show 2014 presentation by Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources (RRR)



Red Rock Resources a buy at 0.81p - Rebound Off May Resistance Leads Back To 1.4p

2013-11-25 12:56:55

Red Rock Resources (RRR) is the type of company it  is difficult not to have a soft spot for on both a technical and a fundamental perspective.


Red Rock Resources at 0.71p - Risk Of 0.5p Retest Ahead Of a return to 1.4p

2013-11-12 08:32:36

The main problem at Red Rock Resources (RRR) in the recent past is the way that we have been flipped from regarding the stock as a high octane bullish recovery situation, to one where the prospect of a return to the old malaise of an extended bear market seems to be back on the cards.  So which is it?


Red Rock Resources at 0.39p worth 2.77-4.34p says Edison on Greenland News

2013-08-02 03:38:58

Shares in Red Rock Resources (RRR) now trade at 0.39p but are worth 2.77p-4.24p according to a detailed note published today by Edison updating investors on the sale of Red Rock’s Greenland assets. Edison writes:


Red Rock Resources / Regency Mines: The Unlikely Lads

2013-05-18 04:24:17

To be perfectly honest until this week it seemed more likely that high profile Sasanach Nigel Farage would be given the freedom of the city of Edinburgh, than either Red Rock (RRR) or Regency Mines (RGM) a buy recommendation on a technical basis.


Video Interview with Andrew Bell, Red Rock Resources

2013-04-12 05:37:31

Tom Winnifrith interviews Andrew Bell of Red Rock Resources (RRR)

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