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Mirriad Advertising – interims note “advertising spending is now coming back”. Good news then… No!?

2021-09-22 14:04:59

Previously writing on Mirriad Advertising (MIRI), in July despite the shares slumping to 34p I concluded the valuation looked to remain plain daft; strong bargepole / sell. The company has today announced results for the first half of 2021 headlined “New deals, significant inventory and record US commercial activity drive adoption”. Having last closed at 32.5p, the shares are now below 30p – so what’s the story?...


Mirriad Advertising – trading update. Valuation bonkers?, You bet!...

2021-07-29 15:08:59

Self-styled “leading in-content advertising company” Mirriad Advertising (MIRI) has made a half-year trading update including “we are effectively delivering our twin-track strategy by developing a robust global supply and demand pipeline to drive global adoption, while simultaneously moving the platform towards full integration with the media buying and ad delivery ecosystem… Total revenue increased by 27%… Closing cash at the end of June 2021 of £29.8m (June 2020: £14.4m)”. So why are the shares currently 34p, more than 19% lower in response?...


Woof! Woof! Mirriad Advertising – 2020 results, “more work to be done” an understatement!

2021-05-12 11:32:55

Mirriad Advertising (MIRI) Chairman John Pearson is, “despite the disrupting influence of the COVID-19 pandemic… delighted with the progress that has been made”. Why then on the back of the results statement are the shares currently, at 50.5p, more than 11% lower? Because the valuation for this cash guzzling dog is bonkers. That is why!


Mirriad Advertising – 2019 more than £12m loss… so a pay rise as well as LTIP awards, natch!...

2020-05-20 15:41:29

I recently wrote on Mirriad Advertising (MIRI) “Executive LTIP award”… Er, what for?!. The “computer vision and AI platform company” - which argues its “award-winning solution unleashes new revenue for content producers and distributors by creating new advertising inventory in content” - has now produced its 2019 annual report and accounts...


Mirriad Advertising – “Executive LTIP award”… Er, what for?!

2020-05-18 16:09:10

I earlier argued “Proposed Share Option Regrant” disgrace from Corero Network Security and also now note from Mirriad Advertising (MIRI) “Executive LTIP award, Director and PDMR dealings”...


Mirriad Advertising Results – Told y’all cash crisis ahoy

2019-05-09 10:47:17

You have been warned so many times by myself about the uber dog Mirriad (MIRI) which listed on the AIM casino at 62p per share in December 2017. The shares are now 6.25p so shame on Nomad and broker Numis for this hound. Today we have calendar 2018 results and a warning that it needs a bailout placing within a year. I should cocoa.


Mirriad parts company with CEO just 9 months after disastrous IPO, cash spunk up to £1m pcm

2018-09-27 10:24:46

Cynical Bear warned you that the 62p per share, £63 million, IPO of Mirriad Advertising (MIRI) would cause tears before bedtime. Obviously not for IP Group (IPO) which was able to justify its daft pre IPO investments in relation to that crackers listing price. Nor for Nomad and broker Numis or PR parasites Hudson Sandler which will have earned fat fees for the listing. Coke and hookers all round for the crony capitalists.  But for anyone dumb enough to buy the stock since the IPO this has been a horror show. The shares are now just 30p mid, they have more than halved in ten months on the AIM Casino. So what’s today’s news? It is bad, natch.


Mirriad Advertising and Pelatro: SELL and BUY tips are working out as expected

2018-05-09 03:30:01

Just before last Christmas, I compared and contrasted two new AIM IPOs that both came to market at just over 60p in the broad “adtech” space. An IP Group-backed dog, Mirriad Advertising (MIRI) and what I though was an interesting play at a low valuation, Pelatro (PTRO).


Mirriad Advertising: The valuation echo chamber at work again - Sell

2017-12-20 01:35:26

An interesting compare and contrast for me today looking at the two technology businesses that joined AIM yesterday at a very similar share price. That is where the similarities end though as one is a classic example of an overvalued business bid up by participants in the valuation echo chamber and one looks like that rare mythological beast – a Cynical Bear Buy tip. Let’s start with Mirriad Advertising (MIRI), the massive Sell pick.

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