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Tom Winnifrith praised and thanked by a regulator yet again as another PLC forced to correct crooked accounts signed off by KPMG

2021-07-29 16:02:06

Sometimes when I read what BBMs write about me even I start to wonder if I am a bad guy even though I know all their defamatory slurs are false. But those who matter know otherwise and also take me seriously. Today, another letter arrives thanking me for my work which has caused another PLC to have to restate crook accounts. The Sheriff of AIM vs Eden Research (EDEN) and KPMG (again). For the second time in 4 years my work has spurred the Financial Reporting Council to act against Eden & KPMG.  I have now lost count of how many such missives I have received from my good pals at  the FRC but it is quite a lot. The letter is below.


Eden Research – is it being investigated by the Financial Reporting Council?

2021-06-23 11:52:15

On 7 June 2021, Eden Research (EDEN) issued an RNS titled “Notice of AGM, investor conference & Accounts” which included the following statements: 


Business Before Pleasure: Once again asking the Financial Reporting Council to review Eden Research & KPMG

2021-02-11 10:59:26

The pleasure of reviewing a truly dismal 2020 trading statement from Eden Research (EDEN), a perennially loss making pustule on the arse of corporate Britain for more than 25 years, comes later.  First to business: once again reporting this historically fraudulent enterprise to my good friends at the Financial Reporting Council, FRC, for cooking its 2019 books.


Detailed dossier for accounting anoraks: Eden Research – has it been up to its old tricks again? I will Report to FRC

2021-02-05 08:12:42

In May 2020, I published a detailed article asking what was happening with respect to TerpeneTech UK and the newly formed TerpeneTech Ireland - companies integral to the promotion of AIM fraudsters Eden Research (EDEN) of panama pump infamy. Now that the TerpeneTech UK statutory accounts have been published, I have updated my note. The new analysis: 


Terpenetech 2019 accounts out – the Eden Research 2015 Panama Pump fraud (now) endorsed by KPMG laid bare

2021-02-04 12:18:10

It was in August 2015 when a heavily cash-strapped AIM dog Eden Research (EDEN) engaged in a blatant Panama Pump style fraud with a company, Tepenetech, with which it had long been associated. The 2019 accounts for Eden, signed off by KPMG, still pretend that this is a legitimate deal. But Terpenetech’s own accounts for calendar 2019 are, finally, just out and the fraud is there for all to see.


25 years of fraud and failure at Eden Research & the Stock Exchange loves it up – I give up, I am a dinosaur

2021-01-05 10:21:50

In its 25 year history, Eden Research (EDEN) has only ever reported one six month period when it made a profit. And that was down to a Panama Pump accounting fraud involving Terpenetech. But today its shares are racing ahead thanks to an endorsement from the London Stock Exchange (LSE). I despair and ponder retirement.


BREAKING EXPOSE: More wickedness in the garden of Eden Research it is TerpeneTech again on the naughty step

2020-05-08 14:27:40

Eden Research (EDEN) published its final results for the year ended 31 December 2019 yesterday. They were dire. But that is not the issue that regulators should be looking at long and hard as they question whether this company is fit to stay on the AIM Casino.


Eden Research Plc – What is really going on with its terpene technology license from UMMS?

2017-05-28 02:19:26

AIM Listed fraud Eden Research (EDEN) has bneen shown to have committed FRAUD, has been panned by the FRC and is still under FRC investigation (whatever it says). But there coulde be an even bigger problem. In its AIM admission document Eden explained that an element of its terpene chemistry was licensed as set out below:


Eden Research - Financials suggest its going tits up, FRC pans it after my request), Part 1

2017-05-22 02:03:02

Eden Research (EDEN) has today published godawful results and admitted that my very good friends at the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) investigated it - after I requested such an investigation - and have forced it to restate past numbers. It claims that the FRC has now settled all matters. Au contraire. that is another lie from the fraudsters and there are many more porkies in this statement. Truly, the pants of shamed PR Paul Queenie McManus of Walbrook will be cinders and ash after this effort. This all came out as Eden published Godawful numbers for calendar 2016.


Eden Research - why did its PR man Paul "Queenie" McManus LIE to me?

2017-05-15 00:55:55

In August 2015 AIM Casino listed fraud Eden Research (EDEN) announced that it had sold a license to its long time associated company Terpenetech for £600,000. On the same day it announced that it had bought a 29% stake in (worthless) Terpenetech for £920,000 in shares. I quizzed Eden's PR man Paul "Queenie" McManus of Walbrook PR about this deal which was clearly a panama pump fraud. And Queenie lied to me.


New Bulletin Board Moron of the Week contest - sponsored by the AIM listed slam dunk proved FRAUD Eden

2017-05-14 01:55:17

This week's sponsor, Eden Research (EDEN), has much to offer the thinking investor. Well that is if you like investing in proven frauds that wil never generate a cent of free cashflow without resorting to the panama pump.


Eden Research - a Second Request to the FRC to investigate its fraudulent accounts

2017-05-14 01:23:19

I asked my very good pals at the Financial Reporting Council, who we know are major fans of my work, to look into the fraudulent accounts of Eden Research (EDEN) for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 on February 17 2016. Okay 2015 accounts were not out at that point but I was sure they would be fraudulent - they were. Now 2016 accounts for Terpenetech are out we have it again confirmed that the 2015 accounts were crook and 2016 accounts - due within days - will almost certainly be fraudulent. So I have written to the FRC again. The letter follows.


Letter to AIM Regulation: do you & Nomad Shore capital not care about overt fraud at Eden Research?

2017-05-12 00:04:05

I am unable to sleep because of the stifling heat of Southern Greece as well as the prospect of another week of holiday with the mother in law. Sean Smith, the CEO of AIM casino posterboy Eden Research (EDEN) is probably also suffering nightmares and insomnia but for different reasons. As he desperately tries to persuade his auditors to sign off Eden's accounts without an emphasis of matter, Smith knows that the £920,000 Terpenetech panama pump fraud he masterminded is now unravelling. The question is not will it cause Eden's destruction but when will this time-bomb blow up. I have thus, whiled away the early hours with a letter to AIM Regulation which is below.


Eden Research boasts that the taxpayer is funding promotion of its fraud

2017-05-11 03:04:00

AIM Cesspit listed FRAUD Eden Research (EDEN) has two massive problems. One is that with pitiful sales it is rapidly running out of cash and so must get yet another bailout placing away. The second is that it has now been fully exposed as committing a massive panama pump securities fraud HERE. Its response....


Eden – a question from the Deputy Sheriff to m’learned friends of the ShareProphets community

2017-05-07 02:44:16

Noting recent coverage of AIM-listed Eden Research (EDEN) and its, ahem, “interesting” funding arrangements with Terpenetech here on ShareProphets I have a question: given that it appears that Eden is the only holder of paid-up shares in Terpenetech, does that not mean that Eden holds the only (currently) valid voting rights? And if that is the case, is not Eden in fact the ultimate controlling party? And if that is the case, should Terpenetech be viewed as a 100% owned and controlled entity of Eden - a subsidiary, therefore, and have to release full audited accounts?


Terpenetech & the Eden Research fraud, fraud, fraud: Part 2

2017-05-06 01:23:56

Yesterday we saw demonstrable and explicit evidence that AIM Cesspit fraud Eden Research (EDEN) had committed a panama pump stock fraud with its 29.9% owned associate Terpenetech, HERE. But it seems that I was too charitable in my assessment of Terpenetech's laughable accounts. A hat tip to reader CS who points out:


Terpenetech Accounts filed - the panama pump fraud at AIM listed Eden confirmed

2017-05-05 06:10:00

The fraud is confirmed. Will Eden Research's (EDEN) Nomad Shore cap resign? Will Eden impair the carrying value of Terpenetech which appears to be insolvent? Does anyone care any more?


Eden Research - how long can it hide the Terpenetech Panama Pump fraud? most

2017-05-01 02:30:29

The unravel at AIM listed fraud Eden Research may be just days away. Because, its partner in crime, Terpenetech has until April 30 to file its accounts for the year to 31 July. Normally it files on deadline day. Any delays will be telling. But then so too will the numbers. Its a lose lose for the fraudsters. You will remember how this fraud worked....


Eden Research: when will the auditors get some backbone and challenge the carrying value of the intangible assets and the accounting for TerpeneTech?

2017-03-21 09:06:47

The principal “assets” of Eden (EDEN) are its intangible assets of £5,290,000 and its investment in joke company TerpeneTech of £923,000 which together represent almost 60% of net assets at 30 September 2016.


Eden Research – what’s with this Oxford Capital announcement? It’s dissolved – who got the warrants?

2017-03-09 03:44:58

Eden Research (EDEN) yesterday released an odd RNS. Not so unusual was a statement of total voting rights. But it also contained a statement of outstanding warrants and options. Was the company trying to bury something whilst the city was watching yesterday’s Budget statement? At the centre of this lies Oxford Capital Limited, which was dissolved and struck off on 31 January of this year.


Eden Research – The art of value creation. How a licence worth only £20,000 in June 2013 became worth £600,000 in August 2015.

2017-03-07 01:26:13

On 24 August 2015, Eden Research (EDEN) announced its now infamous deal (aka massive panama pump fraud) with TerpeneTech. That fraud is now unravelling big time as explained here. But let us revert to the RNS of 2015 which stated : 


Eden: the Terpenetech fraud starts to unravel, has the first body been quietly buried?

2017-03-05 10:03:17

AIM listed Eden Research (EDEN) has been engaging on fraudulent deals with related party company Terpenetech for six years now. The first deal was a sale which Eden booked but Terpenetech never paid for. Who cares, Eden kept that debt as a current asset for 5 years. Sure the auditors should have kicked up a fuss, the Nomad should have objected but this is AIM who cares about fraud! Of course the far bigger £600,000 fraud waited until August 2015. It was a panama pump classic as you can see here - but this is AIM and Nomad & broker ShoreCap wanted to earn big commission do a placing so everyone again turned a blind eye. But now the cover up is falling apart.


Peter Evans of the Sunday Times do you feel any shame at all you gutless turd? Ref the FRAUD Eden Research

2017-01-23 02:32:14

Shares in fraud Eden Research (EDEN) have raced ahead by 30% today. Some folks have been paying up to 13.5p to get onboard. There is an RNS today but that is not the reason for this folly.


ShareProphets Share Tips of the year Number 17 - Sell Eden Research says Tom Winnifrith

2016-12-30 01:04:19

In the long run buying shares in companies that break accounting rules, commit fraud and which are running out of, other people's, money is a recipe for poverty and thus AIM listed fraud Eden Research is my second share tip of the year, like my first (Cloudtag HERE) it is as a sell. The shares are now xxp but this is a sell at any price down to 0p. Frauds are always worthless in the end.


BREAKING: Eden Research Interims - the accounting rule breach to hide the fraud

2016-12-30 01:02:50

Now Eden Research (EDEN) is forced to break accounting rules and lie in its interim results RNS to cover up the Terpenetech panama pump fraud. Will commission hungry Nomad and broker Shore Cap force a clarification or even do the decent thing and resign and turn whistleblower. Whaddya think with another bailout placing looming. Commission yum yum. back to the rule breach and the lie...


Eden Research: Profits warning, Terpenetech fraud not addressed, running out of cash again!

2016-12-21 04:13:04

Today's end of year trading statement from Eden Research (EDEN) is a disaster. It does its best to distract you from a looming cash crunch and a profits warning but what it also makes clear is that the Terpenetech deal of August 2015 was a fraud. How do we know? Because it is not mentioned. It is swept under the carpet. FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD I say again FRAUD.


Eden Research - Rum & Coke Interims - when will the Terpenetech FRAUD be conceded

2016-09-27 07:14:45

AIM listed long time fraud Eden Research (EDEN) has posted half calendar year numbers which are as dismal as ever - this is a company whose retained losses after twenty one years are now £34.145 million. After 21 years of promising ever more jam tomorrow Eden is still reliant on fraud to keep going.


Eden Research - here is how you cover up that £600,000 fraud a bit longer

2016-07-04 00:03:55

After the sad AIM demise of its sister company, the fraud Environmental Recyclying (ENRT), I have been thinking long and hard  about Eden Research (EDEN). I am a nice guy and I am wondering how CEO Sean Smith and PR himbo Paul "Queenie" MacManus can cover up the massive Panama pump securities fraud of last August. I would urge them to act quickly but I do have a cunning plan to postpone their day of reckoning.


Terpenetech Accounts in - another sign of the clear Panama Pump fraud at Eden Research

2016-05-04 06:53:44

Hat tip to Drunken sailor for spotting that joke company Terpenetech Ltd which has been used to facilitate fraud at AIM listed Eden Research since 2011 has filed its accounts. For what it is worth they again point to the monumental £600,000 fraud of August 2015.


Paul Queenie McManus at Walbrook PR - why is your fraudulent client Eden Research hiding from me?

2016-03-13 13:06:23

Paul "Queenie" McManus of Walbrook PR has repeatedly briefed bulletin board morons who own shares in the fraud that is AIM listed Eden Research (EDEN) that I refuse to meet the company. That is a lie, I want to meet Eden, to record a podcast, and have made it clear I will head to its HQ in Cirencester. Yet Queenie declines to name a date. Why?


Eden Research: How about you obey AIM Rules for once and 'fess up re milestone non payments

2016-03-02 02:40:05

For a second I will park the five years  of fraudulent activities of Eden Research (EDEN) with regard to Terpenetech and move on to why it is breaching AIM Rules ( Number 11) with regard to non disclosure of material information elsewhere.


Sean Smith CEO of Eden & PR drama queen Paul McManus would rather ramp than explain fraud

2016-02-22 08:28:34

Drama Queen PR man Paul McManus of Walbrook and Sean Smith CEO of AIM listed Eden Research (EDEN) have yet to accept my invitartion for an interview. It is very simple. Eden Research has committed wholesale FRAUD not once but in 2011 then on a smaller scale in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and then on a massive scale on 25 August 2015 with a company called Terpenetech. Without that fraud Eden would be insolvent. But Smith and the Queen just will not answer questions.


An Open Letter to the FRC - Please Investigate Fraudulent Accounts from Eden Research 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015

2016-02-17 07:26:54

I have today written to my good friends at the Financial Reporting Council asking for a full formal investigation into the audited accounts of Eden Research PLC (EDEN) for 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 which are all fraudulent and - ahead of schedule - for the 2015 accounts which will be fraudulent. The letter follows.


Which Terpenetech was involved in the Eden Research panama pump fraud?

2016-02-11 07:40:56

Surely there cannot be more than one Terpenetech that does fraudulent deals with AIM Casino listed (for now) Eden Research? Well that is what I was wondering because there are in fact two Terpenetech's out there.


Terpenetech & Eden Research - let's go back to the start of the Fraud

2016-02-11 03:44:19

We have clearly demonstrated that Eden Research (EDEN) managed to get a covert placing away with its panama pump securities fraud deal announced with Terpenetech Ltd on August 24 2015 and revealed HERE. But this is not the first time that Eden has hoodwinked its investors with Terpenetech..let's go back to 23 June 2011.


Eden Research dodges FRAUD questions and announces ramptastic Greece bollocks to ramp shares

2016-02-10 01:44:49

Eden Research (EDEN) needs to answer the clear questions about panama pump securities fraud and shady related party share pump & dumps if it is to stop its shares collapsing. Instead it has tried to keep its deluded followers happy with news from Greece. Sadly for it I know Greece rather well...


Eden Research: Letter to AIM Regulation demanding formal investigation and suspension of shares

2016-02-09 04:36:08

Following the horrific revelations about AIM Casino listed Eden Research (EDEN) on this website HERE and HERE yesterday I have now written to AIM Regulation demanding an immediate investigation and the suspension of trading in the shares of this worthless company. The letter reads.


Eden Research, November 2014, the related party give away - back to Ken Brooks' pal Chris

2016-02-08 08:53:55

We have already established that Christopher Livingston-Campbell is both a terribly close associate of Eden Research (EDEN) founder Ken Brooks HERE and is also involved with Eden itself as his LinkedIn profile (below) makes clear. Now let's look back to November 2014 and some share transactions - not declared as related party - which stink to high heaven


Eden Research and the Panama Pump fraud from Kenny Boy Brooks Towers exposed in full

2016-02-08 04:56:46

I apologise to you all for allowing AIM Casino listed Eden Research (EDEN) off the hook when it engaged in a panama pump fraud with Terpenetech on 24 August 2015 to keep the lights on and stave off bankruptcy. I missed something - the killer evidence. Now lets go with the full story.


Eden Research and the strange case of the exercised options that belonged to no-one

2016-02-08 03:26:19

Eleven years ago I did battle with Eden Research (EDEN) and Environmental Recycling Technologies (ENRT), then called 3DM which were both run by Witney lawyer Ken "Kenny-boy" Brooks. They sent me a slew of lawyers letters, their advisers John Finn, Johnny Townsend and PR man/tipster Mike Walters engaged in a filthy dirty tricks and smear campaign against myself and Lucian Miers, but it was team Kennyboy that ended up with TWO FSA censures. I am now officially "at war" with both companies once more and will today endeavour to show why both worthless entitities should be delisted at once. I start with a very gentle opening delivery for Eden, the strange case of the options.


Zak Mir's Bull Call Of The Day No.2: Eden Research: Gap Fill Rebound Targets 25p At Best

2016-01-16 04:09:28

It has been quite a ride as far as the price action of Eden Research has been concerned over the past year, a point which is underlined by the way that the aftermath of the June – August double top towards 25p has been a near halving of the stock's value.


Zak Mir's Bull Call of the Day No. 1: Eden Research: Return To 20p Zone While Above 200 Day Line

2015-11-17 03:18:50

Given the sharp start made by shares of Eden Research (EDEN) to start this year, especially with the with the April – June rally in which the stock tripled, it must be said that H2 to date for the stock has been somewhat disappointing. So what now for the share price?


Eden PLC A blast from the Past and my only new short of summer

2015-08-30 02:19:47

The recent volatility in the markets has been enjoyable to watch from the side-lines. That perennial bulls should be panicking and demanding federal intervention because the index retreats some 12% from its high after six years of straight gains demonstrates how reliant we have become on rigged stock markets.


Eden Research – this stinks more and more – answer basic frigging questions you tossers

2015-08-26 01:11:17

On Monday I stated that an RNS from AIM Cesspit listed Eden Research stank to high heaven. A quite bizarre exchange of emails has followed as more has emerged about that pongy deal with Eden just refusing to answer basic questions.


Eden Research – Today’s statement stinks

2015-08-24 03:17:17

Eden Research (EDEN) is an AIM listed dog with a track record of non-delivery. It is the sister company of that other dog Environmental Recycling (ENRT) and both companies felt my ire back in 2005 when Environmental was called 3DM. It pissed away cash on fascist lawyer’s letters. It was 3DM that picked up the censure from the FSA for lying to investors. Today the Eden dog has put out an announcement which just stinks. I am back on its case.


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