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Conroy Gold and Natural Resources – placing at 25p with warrants and warrants-on-warrants

2020-08-11 11:16:12

Good news this morning for AIM-listed jam- (or, rather, gold) tomorrow explorer Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) as it has raised a fairly decent amount of cash - £800,000 – at 25p. Heck, if this goes on for much longer the company will no longer be technically insolvent! It might not be already, although I wouldn’t be too sure. So are the shares now a buy?...


Conroy Gold & Natural Resources – deal with Anglo Asian Mining, now let's get serious

2020-07-21 14:41:05

Sometimes something comes out of left field and takes you by surprise. This morning, AIM-listed Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) announced a proposed joint venture with fellow AIM-listed Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) aimed at bringing Conroy’s Irish gold assets to production. Anglo Asian is a serious player, so this deal is a great achievement for Conroy – even if, as things stand, it remains heavily technically insolvent.


Conroy Gold and Natural Resources - £50k of February Placing dribbles in, still £100k to go

2020-05-09 08:24:02

Roll up, roll up – buy now, pay whenever you like! AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) seems to be behaving more like a cheap furniture shop, rather than a serious company when it comes to raising money. On Thursday afternoon it updated on the placing way back in February, under which (unbeknown to the market) most of the cash it said it had raised didn’t arrive. Updates last month detailed some cash which finally dribbled in and on Thursday we learnt that another £50,000 had arrived. Good news……just £100,000 to go out of a £302,500 fundraise.


Red Flags at Night: Conroy Gold and Natural Resources – the (rubber?) cheque is still in the post (honest guv’)

2020-04-25 08:46:55

Back on 2 April, AIM-listed jam-next-century gold play (apparently) Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) finally got around to fessing up that its much celebrated fundraise six weeks previously has seen a shortfall in that £188,000 of the £302,500 supposedly raised (ie well over half) had not arrived. The whole episode stank of AIM Rules breaches and a letter duly landed on Oxymoron-in-chief Marcus Stuttard’s desk. We were told a further update would follow as soon as possible and in classic Red Flags at Night fashion, yesterday at 4.51pm on a Friday evening – no-one-is-watching o’clock – the update duly arrived. Now if all the money had arrived, I reckon we would have found out at a more normal time like 7am……


Letter to Marcus Stuttard at AIM Regulation – Ref Conroy Gold & Natural Resources blatant rule breaches

2020-04-03 08:21:10

On 18 February 2020 AIM-listed lifestyle company Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) announced a successful placing to raise £250,000 and that it had undertaken a subscription to raise a further £52,500 all at 12p per share. Yesterday, more than six weeks later, the company ‘fessed up that a total of £188,000 was still outstanding. It seems to me that the “successful placing” was anything but at time of announcement, given that the cash was yet to arrive, and that the company had not “undertaken” a subscription to the extent originally advised for the same reason. “Undertaking” maybe, but not “undertaken”.


Conroy Gold and Natural Resources – Interim numbers show it is still technically insolvent

2020-02-27 16:10:42

Of course there is insolvency as far as the law is concerned, and insolvent in that there isn’t enough cash to pay the bills but AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) had not the cash to pay its bills, but still goes on. The interims to last November 30 show that it clocked up a pre-tax loss of EUR 278,000 and had negative net current assets of a stonking MINUS EUR 3.7 million!  


Conroy Gold and Natural Resources – raises just £0.3m at 12p: Slow Motion car crash unerway

2020-02-18 12:24:54

I had been wondering what was going on at AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR). At the turn of the year the shares were languishing at just over 5p and raced ahead to around 15p until last Wednesday when the shares staring slipping. Of course there is no insider dealing – this is AIM after all – and surprise surprise this morning we learn of a placing and subscription to raise a poxy amount of cash to feed the electricity meter.


Red Flags at Night: Conroy Gold & Natural Resources FY results

2019-12-05 08:35:50

Why would a company which claims to have had a year….of highly encouraging progress sneak out its results at approaching quarter past five in the evening – no-one-is-watching o’clock? Let us turn to the auditor’s report for AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) in its Annual Report for the year to May 2019 – in particular the Going Concern section. Here we are told:


Conroy Gold and Natural Resources – Interim drivel and a balance sheet from hell: SELL

2019-02-28 02:01:50

With its sister company, Karelian Diamonds (KDR) having published interims a couple of weeks back showing balance sheet in all sorts of trouble, this morning Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) took its turn – where we find the same problem, and some class comedy from the good it’s the way I tell ‘em Professor.


Conroy Gold – FY results…..balance sheet a shambles, the end is surely nigh: SELL

2018-11-15 08:31:16

AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) offered up its FY results to May y31 esterday morning. There was plenty of blarney, of course, but the bottom line is that the balance sheet is in a mess – it needs yet another mega-placing PDQ to keep the lights on, and I don’t think it will get it away. Oh, and  NED, Dr Karl Keegan, is stepping down after just 15 months in the job. In short, the end appears to be nigh.


Conroy Gold – “New Gold Outcrop Discovery”: more about getting the next placing away than shareholder value?

2018-10-22 12:14:20

AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) has announced a new gold outcrop discovery in Ireland, between its Clontibret gold deposit and the Corcaskea gold target. So will this discovery transform the company’s prospects, or – bearing in mind that it has to report year-end results to May of this year by the end of next month – does this news mark the beginning of a pre-placing ramp?


Conroy Gold – Share Talk - sordid ramping at the bottom end of AIM

2018-09-06 10:43:10

Share Talk is a website that takes money from, usually, crap companies. It does not appear discerning. If you are a PLC with a cheque book come on down! It does not disclose its business model and it then provides what it terms “the Independent voice across social media” or what you and I would term sordid share ramping. Shares in Conroy Gold (CGNR) are up 30% today to 13p to sell thanks to such ramping. But before you get too carried away….


Conroy Gold and Natural Resources – £0.5m placing at 13.75p; nowhere near enough

2018-08-28 14:20:37

AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) has announced a placing at 13.75p to raise £0.5 million, boasting a 20 per cent premium to the market price. Well that’s fine and dandy – so why has the market not piled in behind the placees? The shares are up just one penny, leaving the stock at 12p to sell.


Professor Richard Conroy you are talking buinneach

2018-08-08 10:45:17

Perhaps my Gaelic is not quite up to scratch and I am willing to stand corrected by the founder and chairman of Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) but I am trying to say in the language of "the old country" that he is talking bollocks in today's news release.


Conroy Gold and Natural Resources - Interims : oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

2018-02-27 08:02:35

AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) published its interim accounts to 30 November 2017 this morning. Ignoring the jam tomorrow (we’ve seen that all before) it is clear that the company was up to its eyes in debt, not that chairman Prof Richard Conroy was bothered by that as he introduced his chairman’s statement with “I have great pleasure in presenting your Company’s Half-Yearly results”. He’s pleased – but I doubt any shareholder with half a brain cell will be.


Conroy Gold & Natural Resources: ShareProphets Translation service on today’s “business update”

2018-01-29 08:14:38

Delisted from the junior Irish market but still trading on AIM, Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) has put out a business update. The ShareProphets RNS Translation Service, having already had a field day on Telit this morning, is on a roll (original in bold)….


Where now for Conroy dogs Karelian and Conroy Gold?

2017-12-03 10:05:36

I’ve been wondering what comes next for Prof Richard Conroy’s AIM vehicles Karelian (KDR) and Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR). From my review of their financial results to May of this year (see HERE and HERE) it is clear that they are both in deep trouble – they are running out of money fast and the results to last May show that quite clearly. Lord knows how bad it is now.


Conroy and Karelian lifestyle companies produce results in a sea of Red Flags. 2: Conroy

2017-11-30 09:13:39

Yesterday I described the FY17 results of Karelian Diamond (KDR) and a series of Red Flags to be found. Today we look at its stable-mate, AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) and find a similar story. It is a car-crash festooned with more Red Flags.


Breaking: Central Bank of Ireland calling in witnesses in Conroy Gold Enquiry this week as ESM quote surrendered

2017-10-10 05:46:18

It is bad enough that Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) faces a potentially massive stock overhang as it tries to arrange a placing to pay the bills but it is now facing an upping of the regulatory ante. Perhaps that is why Conroy has today announced it is surrendering its joint quote on the ESM and being listed on AIM. Or maybe that is just to save cash?


Conroy Gold : Just how little cash is left: potential 28% stock overhang and its placing ahoy (again)

2017-10-10 01:39:50

I forgot to ask one big question at the Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) GM on Friday - when is the next placing? But before we come to that - and the answer must be soon - there is a little matter of possibly the biggest stock overhang on AIM. The TR1's are flying thick and fast.


Photo Article - Conroy GM

2017-10-07 03:29:02

 Just to give you a flavour of yesterday's farce of a GM at Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR). The serious implications are outlined HERE. Below you see the board, then the audience packed with Conroy stooges, average age 126. Finally a picture of one old coot who on the second vote of five appeared to switch sides to join the rebels. Was it the power of my quizzing of Prof Conroy that had turned him? A couple of minutes later he raised his hand to say that he had voted the wrong way and could his mistake be reversed. It was not a room in which to crack jokes about Alzheimer's although such bad taste would soon have been forgotten by most of those attending.


Conroy Gold and Nat Res: look at the timeline over Warrant Exercise and Placing

2017-10-07 03:17:24

I have a question for Professor Conroy, of AIM-listed Conroy Gold and Natural Resources infamy. Tom Winnifrith tells us that the paperwork for the warrants exercised by him and by his sidekick (which were announced on Wednesday last week) was filed last Sunday. We also learnt yesterday that the cash went straight back out of the kitty to repay Conroy/Jones by settling director loans - apparently ahead of term. 


The two big takeaways from the Conroy GM which make its shares a slam dunk sell to halve from 25p

2017-10-07 02:49:43

The Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) GM voted c 5 million to 4.1 million to back the current lifestyle funded, rule breaking board led by 84 year old Professor Moriaty and not the rebels From attending the meeting there are two takeaways which tell me the shares will collapse next week and proof of just how grossly misleading an RNS from Wednesday was.


Professor Richard Conroy & Conroy Gold now under Central Bank of Ireland Investigation - source

2017-10-06 01:11:37

The Central Bank of Ireland handles the sort of regulatory functions that in the UK the FCA makes such a bollocks of undertaking. A source very close to the situation has revealed that Professor Richard Conroy and Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) are now under a preliminary investigation after the events of the past week.


BREAKING: Conroy Gold & the evil Prof try to rig GM by illegally adding shares to voting list

2017-10-05 00:30:11

At 2 PM yesterday, Capita Registrars signed off on a shareholder list at that point as being those who could vote at Friday's GM called to oust fat cat bosses Professor Richard Conroy and his henchwoman Maureen Jones from Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR). Shortly before 2 PM the Professor called Capita and added 500,000 shares to the register - probably enough to swing the vote. What he has done is wholly illegitimate and must be reversed at once if Capita, Nomad Allenby and AIM Regulation give a damn about their own rules and common justice.


Professor Conroy exercises massively out of the money warrants to keep his gravy train going

2017-10-04 07:55:59

On Friday shareholders in Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) will vote on whether to oust chairman Professor Richard Conroy and his sidekick Maureen Jones The dastardly duo are doing everything they can to cling on as the vote will be tight.


Calling Co-Conspirators in Dublin - what are you doing a week tomorrow?

2017-09-28 00:40:48

As I explained in today's bearcast, Professor Moriaty, the founder and chairman of the AIM listed lifestyle company pretending to develop a gold mine that is Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) is currently the Number One target of the Sheriff of AIM and I am flying to Dublin on 6 October to nail him.


Reader Poll - what Dirty Tricks will Professor Conroy use to maintain control of his lifestyle business

2017-09-06 00:57:14

I am going to Dublin on October 6th to do my utmost to see Professor Richard Conroy and loyal sidekick Maureen Jones booted out of the company they founded and have used as a lifestyle business for far too long - and replaced by Messrs Johnson, Heddle & O'Sullivan as I noted HERE. The way that the Prof sodomised democracy at the last Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) GM means that he is not fit to run a pissoir in Bora Bora let alone a PLC. So what dirty tricks do you think Prof Moriaty will use this time: You vote - deadline midnight tonight.


The Sheriff of AIM is off to Dublin on October 6 to oust Prof Richard Conroy from Conroy Gold

2017-09-05 00:20:19

Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) has appointed two new patsy Irishmen to its board to bolster the home team of Professor Richard Moriaty, his ever loyal sidekick Maureen Jones and another patsy Irishman. One of the new guys comes fresh from Circle Oil where he was responsible for "all corporate financial and funding matters." Hmm given how Circle shareholders lost 100% I bet they are rushing to buy Conroy shares. NOT. I guess there is only a limited pool of Irishmen so desperate for a PLC NED gig that they will sign up to take Moriaty's shilling these days. Meanwhile...


Conroy hits back at Tom Winnifrith coverage of its sodomisation of democracy, the Prof still does not get it!

2017-08-11 00:28:40

I have received a note from Maureen Jones, the close boardroom ally of Professor Richard Moriarty the founder and embattled chairman of Moriaty Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR). Maureen reckons my coverage of the last GM is unfair and wishes to put the record straight. But I am afraid that she and Professor Conroy simply just do not understand why they are in the wrong here and why that forces me and other campaigners such as the top Irish blogger Wexboy, to ensure that we will turn the next Conroy GM into a media circus to see the two ousted. Maureen writes and my comments are in bold.


EXCLUSIVE: papers lodged to oust The Professor & Maureen Jones from Conroy at new GM: The Sheriff will be there!

2017-08-08 10:04:43

I can reveal that papers have this afternoon been lodged in Dublin with Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) calling for a second GM to install three new directors: Paul Johnson, Patrick O'Sullivan and Gervaise Heddle. But after the sodomising of democracy that was the last GM, this time the rebels are also calling for the sacking of Professor Richard Conroy and his sidekick Maureen Jones. I will be going to this GM to back the rebels. The Sheriff will get his man, Prof Con you are on notice!


Conroy Gold - sham GM result- rebels will call another, Prof Conroy your stockmarket days are numbered, the Sheriff of AIM is coming to Dublin to get you!

2017-08-07 05:31:25

I revealed on Sunday how Professor Richard Conroy had abused shareholder democracy at a sham of a GM for Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR). In preventing three rebels from joining the board when that is what shareholders clearly wanted he has shown himself no longer fit to run a PLC. I can only compare his pastoral care of shareholder rights at Conroy to that handed out by the Christian Brothers to their wards at so many boys homes across Ireland in darker days of old. The Professor shames Ireland and shames AIM with his antics. Conroy has today failed to fess up to exactly what went on and also what has happened since. Okay, he asked for this, the Sheriff of AIM needs to go to Dublin.


Conroy Gold - a sick abuse of democracy at GM, Nomad Allenby must force change or quit - a day that shames AIM

2017-08-06 03:35:53

At 2 PM on Friday Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) convened a GM called to fire six directors and install three rebels. What followed was such a shameful abuse of democracy that it shames AIM. Yes, even the Casino, has not seen such a disgraceful rogering of shareholder rights until now. Conroy has yet to RNS the result but I can now reveal what happened. And also make clear that Nomad Allenby has a duty to force change or must quit for this is a dark day for shareholder democracy. It is nothing short of appalling.


Conroy Gold - About that affidavit: GM looms a few points the rebels really need to clarify NOW

2017-07-31 08:31:27

This Friday shareholders in Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) will meet in Dublin to decide whether to oust most of the board and replace them with Paul Johnson, Gervaise Heddle and 28% shareholder Patrick O'Sullivan. Court documents filed in Dublin last week beg serious questions but not for the board but for the rebels.


Conroy Gold - boardroom coup now surely a slam dunk as Gonella ups his stake

2017-07-21 06:19:26

I've known Andrea Gonella for ages. We have never, to my knowledge, met but have oft corresponded by email. He resides, I think, in Belize and seems to spend a lot of his time fishing. Lucky chap. He is also minted and someone who has for ages believed that Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR) sits on a very interesting gold deposit in some of those counties of Ireland that are part of God's own Kingdom of Ulster but are these days in the Republic of Ireland. However...


Conroy Gold boardroom purge looks a certainty

2017-06-16 00:06:51

On June 8th Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) said that it had received a demand to hold a GM to clear out most of the existing board and replace them with Paul Johnson and Gervaise Heddle linked to Metal Tiger and large shareholder Patrick O'Sullivan. Since then silence.


Conroy Gold & Natural Resources - size does matter but you really need to feel the width don't you?

2016-08-07 09:59:54

Earlier today I flagged up the problems Strat Aero (AERO) has with AIM Rule 11. A trusted correspondent asks does Conroy Gold (CGNR) have a similar issue? 


Conroy targets 5m oz Gold, I target Cheryl Cole's "virtue" - the only cert is its placing ahoy!

2016-03-31 00:53:00

Conroy Gold (CGNR) has today put out a laughable release claiming that it is "targetting" 5 million ounces of gold at its deposits on the Irish/Ulster border. I, as you know, am still targeting getting up close and personal with Britain's most talented chanteuse but I've been on my quest a lot less long than Conroy has been, unlike the AIM tiddler I'm pursuing my quest with my own money and there is almost as much evidence to support my dreams as that of the AIM listed money cruncher. That is to say sweet FA.


Conroy Gold - Results and Capital Reorganisation. Ouch!

2015-11-23 07:40:19

AIM-listed gold explorer Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) produced its results to May 2015 this morning, and separately announced a capital reorganisation. It makes grim reading.


Conroy cites new Irish gold target

2015-06-17 01:04:19

Long-term AIM dog Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) says it has discovered an ‘extensive’ gold anomaly’ of 700 by 300 metres in soil sampling at Rockcorry in Co. Monaghan some 14 km. from the company’s existing Clontibret gold and antimony project. The Dublin-based company, whose shares have evaporated from 2005’s AIM float price of 25p to 0.8p now, says four samples showed more than 20 parts of gold per billion of soil and five samples showed more than 10 parts per billion.


SP Angel Morning Mining Notes: Conroy Gold & Natural Resources, Kefi Minerals, Metminco, Thor Mining and W Resources

2015-06-16 02:21:28

John Meyer of SP Angel this morning comments on Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR), Kefi Minerals (KEFI), Metminco (MNC), Thor Mining (THR) and W Resources (WRES) as well as offering a detailed macro view on the news that is shaping global mining and the AIM mining pond. 


Drilling cheer for Conroy

2015-03-28 03:51:27

Conroy Gold and Natural Resources (CGNR) ‘could have more than 10 million oz. of gold,’ declares Professor Richard Conroy, founder, chairman and 22% shareholder of the unhurrying Irish gold explorer whose unloved shares have lost 97% of their value since floating on AIM at 25p 15 years ago. Also head of Finland-focused Karelian Diamonds and one of the original discoverers of Ireland’s major Galmoy zinc deposit in Kilkenny, Conroy is celebrating encouraging infill drilling results at the Dublin-based company’s Clontibret gold and antimony target in Co.Monaghan.


Conroy Gold & Natural Resources: Buy - Rising Trend Channel Targets Towards 3.5p Plus

2014-01-15 11:36:14

Ordinarily one would remain wary of suggesting that any mining stock of any shape and size is likely to flourish, if only on the basis that over the past 3 years and more this asset class has delivered an experience akin to 15 rounds with Mike Tyson. However, in the case of Conroy Gold (CGNR) it may be worth suspending the cynicism at least for now.

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