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We are back living in the 1980s say RICS statistics and possibly hope BT shareholders!

2021-06-10 10:23:55

I believe it was the song ‘Hunter and the Hunted’ from the wonderfully named group Simple Minds which contains the lyrics ‘how do I feel living in the eighties’. I am sure Jim Kerr and the rest of the group had an even better time than me, but on many levels it was a brilliant decade. That it not to say though that stock markets were not sometimes a bit volatile...but such is life. And as discussed before, if you want to make progress as an investor during the overall 2020s, then do not expect the 2010s to be a great guide. Anyhow I thought about the 1980s for a couple of specific reasons today.


Could BT Shares Ring the Bell? Well, I'm Getting a Decent Signal that Might Be the Case

2021-06-08 08:12:50

Hello, Share Walkers. It’s been a while since I last commended BT Group (BT.A) for another look. I believe I last suggested the share at about 135p. The price moves slowly, but the direction has been right. As I write, BT is about 180p a pop. Is it time to take profits, then?


And the likely new BT chairwoman will be…

2021-05-31 17:14:12

During the last few months, I have written a few times about BT Group (BT.A).  I remain positive on the stock - and it certainly has been pleasant to see the shares rise above the one quid level six or seven months ago - but as I detailed here back in March, a really big call is going to be who is the next chair of the company.  Well as you may have read in today’s Times, there is a ‘former minister in line to chair BT’.   


BT or Not BT? Here's a Positive Answer from Top Bankers

2021-04-19 08:10:46

Hello, Share Twiddlers. Slowly but surely BT Group (BT.A) has been rising in share price. Not that long ago, it was teetering around £1. Now it’s 150p-ish. I expect it to rise further this week. The fact is that a super fast internet service is in more demand these days with all the folks working from home. And BT is probably perceived by many as having one of the fastest, most far-reaching, around-the-house system in the country.


Why is the BT Chairman going?

2021-03-01 12:48:49

I was expecting to write about Aggreko (AGK) today but its first comment in its full year results questions was that it was going to say nothing - this side of the fifth of March limit - about an approach for the company. As I noted here in early February, either the bid comes through and I take an alright profit, or it does not and I double up. More in a few days I guess. So onto something different...and it has to be BT Group (BT.A) which I also wrote up in February here...


At least BT Group understands it needs to invest to survive

2021-02-05 09:53:37

In late October here, I concluded, after the half two numbers from BT Group (BT.A), that I was right to be invested in the c100 pence shares at the time, as I expected the newish management team understood the need for change. Well the shares - helped by a general increase for UK markets over the past three-and-a-bit months - are up 20% since then, so what should you be thinking?


Italian Deal Shows Just How Big BT Really Is. And How It's Well Placed to Cash in on the Pandemic's Communications Legacy

2020-12-11 08:12:55

Hello, Share Clangers. It’s been a few weeks since I last commended BT Group (BT.A) to your further scrutiny. Since then, the shares have risen by a third. But I don't think the upward action is over yet. Latest news reminds us that BT, whose presence dominates Blighty’s busy phone world, is also a big global player.


When Will BT Shares Ever Get Going? Perhaps that Time Has Finally Come

2020-11-10 08:01:59

Hello, Share Thrashers. BT Group (BT.A) is one of those companies with a disappointing history of increasing its share value. So far. Because, in my humble opinion, the promise is still there, I initially made a lot of theoretical money out of this iconic company. But it started to fail as a decent investment long before the virus struck. My big paper profit turned into a big paper loss two or three years ago, but the share has started to pick up recently...


It's Not really a Hard Call to Make that BT could Soon Ring Up a Rising Share Price

2020-10-26 08:21:01

Hello, Share Swingers. I tend to regard BT Group (BT.A) as one of my biggest ever losers. But it’s a misconception, as, at the beginning of this century, I made a lot of money buying and selling the shares. Things started to go wrong when BT’s big plans to invest in televising football probably turned out to be not such a good idea after all. Everyone who tries to make money out of online subscribers knows it’s a hard battle as, for some strange reason, most people expect internet services, however useful, to be free. I still hold a bucketful of BT shares and I expect better things of them now. Why?...


BT Group: lightning rarely strikes (but that does not stop the Sunday press)

2020-08-31 10:58:43

I see my article on BT Group (BT) was the 'most read non-Tom article this week'. What an honour! Well I know that lightning rarely strikes once, let alone twice in the same place, so as you all seem to like BT Group takeover articles, let's copy the Sunday press and do it all again.  


Don't hold your breath for a BT Group takeover

2020-08-23 15:38:27

Back in May here, I concluded about BT Group (BT) following another big dividend payment going to the sword that 'there is much more to do but gobbling down a reality pill may feel painful on day one but maybe not so much on day 100 or day 1000'.  In other words...they have a long turnaround ahead of them.  


BT was little moved when the Virus Kicked In, but Perhaps the Share Price Should Have Taken Off - and still might...

2020-08-12 08:14:25

Hello, Share Scoopers. That German bank Berenberg, for whom I have a good deal of respect, reckons that a fair price for BT (BT.A) shares is 130p. Currently, they’re below 110p, so that would be a fair profit. But are BT shares really worth a punt?...


Another Thursday another reality pill, this time for BT Group...

2020-05-07 14:45:41

I am sure if you are a Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB) shareholder you remember last Thursday. That - of course - was when the oil behemoth cuts its dividend for the first time this side of World War Two, as I recounted here. I talked about this as 'good news' from the perspective of its longer-term corporate health and need to initiate a refocus, but then I am neither a shareholder nor a dividend muncher. Anyhow, another Thursday…and another high profile dividend put to the sword: step forward BT Group (BT.A)...


A High Dividend and Low Share Price Giant that Could Prosper in the Lockdown

2020-04-30 08:18:20

Hello Share Takers. Though it seems tasteless to mention it, you know there are some companies that should do well out of the virus crisis. And telecoms giant BT Group (BT.A) could be one of them...


The Virus Shouldn't Harm BT's Share Price, Perhaps It's Even the Reverse

2020-03-25 08:15:25

Hello, Share Worriers. As buying shares isn’t currently an option for most of us, I continue my series of companies that should not be harmed by the present crisis. Some might even benefit from the restrictions we are now under. For example, I’ve heard Netflix is attracting many more accounts from people who need something extra to watch at home. But today’s highlighted share is BT Group (BT.A)...


The road has been very rocky for BT Group but I can see potential both in the shorter and long term

2020-01-31 09:10:57

BT Group (BT.A) has seen its share price drop quickly over the past few months, and following the publication of its quarterly results yesterday and news on Huawei it is trading at close to its lowest share price in recent years.


BT Shares Worth Hanging On To as Pension Burden starts to Decrease

2020-01-15 08:19:11

Hello Share Munchers. One of my biggest disappointments in shareland has been the poor showing of BT (BT.A) shares. At one stage my holding was up by 100%. But that was in the heady days when BT started buying sports concessions and many folks thought viewers would pay through the nose for BT TV. There were a few critics who doubted that and they seem to have been proved right...


Raising a different sort of red flag at BT Group

2019-11-15 10:40:50

A couple of weeks ago I noted on BT Group (BT.A) that I thought fairer value was lurking in the upper half of the 200-300p share price level. Anyhow, a big new potential buyer of some of the company's assets has come into town over the last 24 hours...although I am not convinced that Jezza and his merry band of magic money tree followers are promoting re-nationalisation of part of the company's assets because they think it is cheap…


Dividend Munchers – How’s my mini-portfolio doing?

2019-10-13 11:39:25

With a stack of high-yielders which the market might suggest were due to chop their dividends (which is why, on paper, the dividend yield is high) and so far two payouts having come under the guillotine, it is with some trepidation that I thought it was time to take a look at my mini-portfolio of dividend munchers’ stocks. I offer no recommendations here but my mini-portfolio of Vodafone (VOD), BT (BT.A), Centrica (CNA), ITV (ITV) and recent addition Centamin (CEY) is supposed to be beating bank interest but most have been notable for share price slippage over the past few months. I’d better take a deep breath…….


A Monster Divi and a Pocket-Sized PE Keep Me Loyal to BT but It's Not an Easy Call to Make

2019-10-07 08:15:22

Hello, share trippers. It’s not been long since I discussed BT (BT.) on this upstanding website. However, the shares have been rising lately and, as a lot of us are in this stock for its hefty dividend, it’s perhaps appropriate to review the chances of a still chirpier price...


BT or Not BT? That's the Question. But I'm In for the Monster Divi

2019-08-06 08:23:46

Hello Share Scrimpers. Sadly, BT (BT.A) is one of my worst long-term investments. I first bought into the outfit when it went into TV in a big way, hoovering up a lot of important sports coverage deals. Even then I had a niggling doubt about whether the viewing public would pay the subscriptions. But at first, I was rewarded with a big jump in the share price as at one stage it hovered around £5. Then came a nasty decline and today the shares are valued at less than £2 a pop...


BT Group's full year numbers surprisingly...boring

2019-05-09 11:30:53

If I was a CEO putting together my first presentation document outlining how I wanted to get an underperforming supertanker of a company back into shape, I think I would start with a line something akin to 'Initial impressions positive but we need to build a better (company) for the future'. So no surprises from new BT Group (BT.A) CEO Philip Jansen in his first quarterly statement fully in day-to-day charge of the UK's best known telecoms company. However what I would then expect - silent assassin style - would be slash n corporate burn after a 'nice' start. Well blow me did not happen…


BT Group: this week is about so much more than just results

2019-01-27 05:03:17

I talked positively about BT Group (BT.A) being a 'tortoise not a hare' a few weeks ago  observing that the real excitement about the big telecoms group for 2019 and 2020 was rooted in internal change and not (as was mooted a few weeks ago) a dramatic takeover by a name like Deutsche Bank.  


BT Group - a tortoise not a hare in 2019

2019-01-07 02:20:00

I feel a bit grubby talking about it, but I see the excitement levels may be rising amongst some long-suffering BT Group (BT.A) shareholders today following weekend headlines which included the part jingoistic (and part comic) 'Are the Germans coming for BT? FTSE giant rings in top takeover advisers to help fend off bid as key date looms for telecoms rival'…


Dividend Munchers – great stuff from BT, but time to trim?

2018-11-02 15:58:24

Fully listed BT (BT.A) is the largest holding in my small collection of dividend munchers by value, although for the purposes of the portfolio it is marked as one unit, along with Centrica (CNA) and ITV (ITV). Vodafone, the fourth member, is half a unit – thank goodness! Yesterday’s interims went down very well with the market, which marked the shares up to around 267p at the peak, and closed at around 260. The shares haven’t been this high since last January and you have to go back to last October before you see an extended period of higher prices than that.


BT should think about sacking its CEO more often...

2018-11-01 09:50:25

It is amazing what a 2% rise in revenues and some mumbling about a top end of range ebitda performance can do but - as I write - almost perma-dog BT Group (BT.A) shares are up over 6%. I should not be so cynical as I have liked the shares for a while as last expressed at length HERE. Today's update though feels like a corner has been turned. I say this for two reasons...


BT – Tesla-hating US hedgie taking a stake to push for break up?

2018-10-16 08:04:58

I note a report in the Times which tells us that US hedgie Greenlight Capital has been building a stake in BT (BT.A) with a view to pushing for the sale of Openreach. ShareProphets readers may also be interested to note that Greenlight and its head honcho Mr David Einhorn have been in the news recently as a bear of Tesla – so since it short a stock I don’t like and long one that I do obviously I take the view that this is a genius outfit!


Friday I'm in love (with a higher BT Group share price)

2018-07-27 08:15:57

It has been a busy, busy week and sad sacks like me are going to be bent over a hot laptop during the weekend catching up with the multitude of earnings numbers published by corporate names around the world this week. Turning to London-based results specifically, some good news within the UK market today for the old stalwart BT Group (BT.A).


BT – seeking a new CEO

2018-06-08 05:24:51

Chris Bailey is away, so can’t enjoy his ouzo o’clock moment here on ShareProphets. Instead, that falls to me. Back on May 10, when covering the full year results of BT (BT.A), Chris wrote: …the CEO - who surely the new Chairman is considering whether to keep or not. I, on the other hand, noted only last week that there looked to be a battle going on in the boardroom. So I’ll enjoy my ouzo (but I’ll save Chris a glass)!


Battered BT Still Rings Up Big Yield as the Share Price Slowly Recovers

2018-06-05 00:20:39

Hello, Share Pingers. One of my most interesting shares at the moment is BT Group (BT.A). Like my learned colleague Nigel Somerville, I am stuck with a lot of its shares - which have done badly of late. The double whammy for me though is that they are now less than 210p, a few years ago I was gloating over a price of 500p. Which was nearly my original stake. And now I am out of profit.


Developments at BT: is there a battle going on in the boardroom?

2018-05-28 00:06:53

I noted the other day that BT’s (BT.A) results hadn’t gone down very well in the market. The shares had been climbing nicely since I bought at 225p, but results day and the follow-through saw them marked down almost as low as 200p. Apart from wishing I’d waited, I’m happy to hold on for now – and collect the near-7% dividend. But I wonder if the new chairman is beginning to have an effect, in the light of a news article from Bloomberg.


BT Group - the good, the less good and the fretful

2018-05-10 02:48:31

I concluded my last update on telecoms giant BT Group (BT.A) with the observation that:


BT – I’m in (blame Chris Bailey!)

2018-03-18 10:23:28

Looking down my shopping list for dividend munchers in the wake of our mini-crash (see HERE) I see fully listed BT (BT.A) on a yield of 6.82%. I’m no expert in these large-caps (so this is NOT a tip!), but that seemed pretty tasty to me and worth a bit of a look – my first port of call being what the ShareProphets large-cap professor, Chris Bailey, had to say (see HERE). 


BT Group - what price no growth, a 6% dividend and unchanged forecasts?

2018-02-02 03:35:22

I had a bit of a rant yesterday about three FTSE-100 behemoths that were dividend-heavy but consensus buys and not offering - in my opinion - value. I don't think BT Group (BT.A) is in this grouping however despite being dividend-heavy and suffering a falling share price today because basically it is very out-of-favour.


BT Group could still prove to be a great recovery play

2017-11-07 01:18:38

Even large, FTSE-100 shares can go through periods where seemingly every piece of news brings about a decline in the share price, and the company seems to be hit by one negative revelation after another. But as long as there isn’t anything wrong with the underlying business, then often these are just temporary blips and can offer the sort of recovery opportunities, and potential returns, that you don’t see often with outfits of this size.


Dial into this Bruised Telecoms Giant and You may Ring Up a Ting-a-ling Profit

2017-10-17 00:05:15

Hello, Share Twangers. A share which has given me a lot of pain, though (thankfully) I don’t think I’ve recommended it to you very much, is a telecoms giant which has seen better days. In fact, under two years ago the shares touched a fiver. Nowadays, they are less than three quid. But analysts at Barclays have just repeated their fairly long-standing target of 450p, which would cancel a big chunk of my loss.


This May Not Be Time to Hang Up on your BT Shares

2017-08-01 00:10:04

Hello, Share Pushers. You can, like my colleagues on this illustrious website, be among the best share experts in the world, but some brickbats you cannot see coming. One such example is the big wobble of BT (BT.A) stock when it was announced in January that something was not quite right about the company’s Italian operation.


BT Group - WIFI debacles, scandals and u-turns: got to be time to buy!

2017-05-30 01:01:00

As the part of rural Wales I was staying in during a good chunk of the Bank Holiday weekend apparently is intermittently covered by the leading mobile network recently purchased by BT Group (BT.A), I had to return to England to surprisingly wax lyrical about the telecoms giant, as the dearth of WIFI forced me to buy an antiquated media device called a newspaper. Within its grubby pages I read that shock-style headline that 'BT threatens fatal blow to final salary pensions'.


BT accounting problems present a buying opportunity

2017-01-28 06:34:11

Whenever you get a big drop in the share price of FTSE350 companies it can represent a buying opportunity, depending of course on what caused the drop in the first place.


Time To Phone Your Broker About BT Again?

2017-01-12 01:08:58

Hello Share Nibblers. I took a big block of shares in BT (BT.A) on the recommendation of Alan Green of Brand Communications about four years ago. The stock rocketed soon afterwards, nearly doubling my stake. Pretty impressive for a Footsie member, I think. Then about a year ago, it dived for some reason I forget. And as usual when a ship wobbles I was still aboard. Never mind, I still enjoy a bumper paper profit on the stock, just not one that’s quite a chipper as it used to be. But things are changing.


No Split for BT Isn't the Only Reason This Share Could Climb

2016-07-27 00:20:24

Hello Share Sippers. One of those dynamic companies which is never out of the news for long is BT (BT.A). The reason is obvious, the country relies on it not just for telephone land lines but for access to the internet. It’s an odd situation for so many companies to be reliant on another one for a service nobody can do without. And BT, if its rivals are to be believed, has taken advantage of the fact.


Shares in Smaller Firms Still Suffering from the Brexit Vote Could Rally Soon.

2016-07-16 02:22:12

Hello Share Plasterers. Before the Brexit result, I opined that shares would topple, but then make a quick recovery. I didn’t realise then how the bounce back would be much more than a recovery. Shares reached an 11 month high. And yet the BBC continue to broadcast doom and gloom comments that the British economy is now in a perilous situation. The healthy Footsie belies that sort of talk.


Intrigued by BT's £6 Billion Improvement Plan? - It's Your Call.

2016-05-06 00:50:52

Hello Share Twitchers. BT (BT.A) made a big announcement this week. It is going to spend, spend, spend on improving broadband and phone coverage. It probably had to do it because the watchdog of the industry has thought about splitting it from its big money spinner, Openreach, unless BT makes improvements for the public. The rivals, like Talk Talk (TALK) and Sky (SKY) are not likely to be impressed by this initiative, though.


Coming Down Santa Claus Lane - a Few Shares I Hope St Nick Will Put in My Stocking.

2015-12-22 01:38:26

Hello Share Helpers. Not long to go now before Santa calls. But I’m not sure it will as sumptuous a Yule celebration as normal in Stacey Towers. It’s not really been a good year and that applies to most of us, I fear.


Your Shares Are Dropping? Don’t Worry, It’s Bargain Time.

2015-11-29 09:29:13

Hello Share Smoochers. Even an eternal optimist like moi has to admit that it’s all a bit depressing at the moment, even if we’ve just had a couple of fairly good days. 


The Zulu Principle Allows me to Rave On Again About BT.

2015-11-13 00:34:33

Hello Share Pickers. When Slater the Great wrote his fine book Zulu Principle in 1992, he could not have known that my book Share Attack, just out (get your ShareProphets Reader Offer Here), would be even better. In my opinion, anyway.


As the UK Deteriorates, BT Should Cash in.

2015-10-27 00:44:27

There is no doubt in this vintage punter’s mind that Britain is getting slobbier, lazier and fatter all the time.


A list of the Very Few Firms Who Passed My Toughest Test.

2015-04-23 23:56:02

Hello Share Shockers. I’ve regaled you in this modest column before with some of the best advice you could ever pick up. That is: to track down and invest in those star companies which grow their profits every year that comes round.


Hold the Phones and Hold the Shares.

2015-03-28 01:57:23

One of my star performers is BT (BT.A). It's been rocketing through new all-time highs for some time now.


Big cap deal smackdown: Glaxo and BT Group

2015-02-05 08:25:05

If you want to make money in large cap shares then you have to spot the big changes.  Deals can be such transforming events…and updates from two big FTSE-100 heavyweights over the last day or so are noteworthy. 


Is This the Most Reliable Share-Picking Method Ever?

2015-01-29 01:54:11

Hello Share Plinkers. What is the most reliable way of telling if a company will keep on piling on share value and doling out ever fatter dividends? Wouldn't you like to know? Well, we all would.


The Only Reason I like Sport is that It's Boosted BT.

2015-01-13 00:42:26

Hello Share Bouncers. A wedding guest once asked me for an opinion on a football game. When I said I couldn't give a fig for sport, he asked incredulously 'But what do you do with your spare time!'


BT Prepares Funding for EE Move

2014-12-20 04:08:18

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and the money to fund BT’s (BT.A) £12.5 billion takeover of EE has to be found from somewhere. So BT is potentially preparing a raft of measure to find the money. There is speculation that this includes a £2 billion rights issue. A further £3 billion could be raised in the bonds markets.


BT Aims for EE in Expansion

2014-12-17 06:23:05

It has been announced that BT (BT.A) is in talks to take over EE in a massive £12.5 billion deal, giving the telecom giant access to the fabled ‘four play’ or ‘quad play’ market. A 12% stake in BT would be given to Deutsche Telecom, the partly state owned German operator, who is joint owner of EE with Orange. Deutsche Telecom would also receive a seat on BT’s board.


BT’s share price has Surged Recently. Why is This and what Should you do Now?

2014-12-09 02:00:37

BT (BT.A) shares are currently trading at 417p, with a dividend yield of 2.62% and a PE of 16.34. This is a big leap forward from a price of around 362.5p in early October.


Whether Tis Nobler in the Mind to Choose BT or Not BT

2014-12-05 14:35:45

Hello share varlets. BT (BT.A), or British Telecom as I continue to call it, is a very ambitious company. Consequently it has a very exciting share.


BT – does the bid for Telefonica's 02 make sense?

2014-11-26 02:00:14

Having sold its mobile business some years ago, BT (BT.A) is in talks with Telefonica about the possibility of buying the O2 mobile business for strategic reasons; to enable it to enter the growing mobile, smart phone data transmission market. That makes sense given that BT has a gap in its service offering in mobile communications and given that it is also a strong internet service provider which needs to expand demand for its services. 


BT at 367.5p – hard to be bullish

2014-11-03 02:33:28

BT ‘s (BT.A)  reported ‘statutory’ earnings showed a 28% drop in the three months to 30 September, qualified by the company’s management as a 13% rise in adjusted terms. In line with the adjusted figure for earnings, the interim dividend payout was hiked up 15%.Such volatility and contrast between reported and adjusted earnings helped to ease the shares down. 


BT: Buy sell or Hold at 387p?

2014-09-05 07:14:08

BT (BT.A) shares are currently trading at a price of 387p offering a yield of 2.81% and on a PE of 14.99. So should one buy, sell or hold?


Why Five Firms Are Not Enough ref.BT

2014-05-31 07:03:56

Hello Share Fans: How many different companies do have in your share bag? Have you nabbed so many that your chances of really striking it big are diluted?


BT at 363p - looks stretched technically, Ofcom might possibly look at profit margins

2014-04-10 06:37:05

Between April 2013 and February this year the BT (BT.A)  share price rose 58% to 421p; since when it has retreated to a share price of 363p last seen. Even there, it is up nearly 36% over a year on a market that has risen by just under 5%; interesting for a share that has a Beta of 90.


Will Shares Keep On Ringing at BT?

2014-02-19 07:21:14

Hello Share Twisters: British Telecom (BT.A) is rattling along, beating new records every day. Yes, I know the old Footsie is on a roll (as I write this). But it is still outperforming the Footsie


Those Shares That Shouldn't Let You Down - ref BT

2014-02-11 07:28:32

Hello Share Shovers: There are some companies that you just know won't let you down. There are no guarantees of course, but you still get that strong feeling.

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