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Dr Michael Green at Align on Ascent Resources – now he really is taking the piss

2020-09-14 10:20:26

I have commented before on how Dr Michael Green should not be working in the City because of the role he played in the Sefton(SER) fraud which included launching a dirty tricks campaign against the heroic investigative journalists Mr Daniel Levi and er…me. A couple of months ago, he published a note on Bluebird Merchant (BMV) with a price target which, though I am a very supportive shareholder, especially after today’s RNS, I said at the time was quite utterly bonkers. It still is. Today he opines on Ascent Resources (AST) and his research makes that on Bluebird seem sober and considered.


More smoke and mirrors and plate-spinning from James Parsons..this time it is Ascent Resources

2020-04-15 08:45:00

What are shares in Sound Energy (SOU) trading at today? 1p, 2p? I reckon this drowning in debt POS is worthless but only time will tell. It was not that long ago that shares in Sound traded at 90p. Not one institution bought as the stock headed to a £700 million market cap driven by obscene share ramping by the then CEO James Parsons, aided by some of the less scrupulous characters on the AIM scene...


Ascent Resources – the new James “Dracula” Parsons spoof, all the usual snouts in the trough

2020-02-14 10:37:22

Shareholders in Sound Energy (SOU) have lost more than 95% of their cash thanks to the appalling ramping and hype and value destruction of just one man…James Parsons. The Sound fiasco would kill off the careers of most CEOs but Parsons is like Dracula, he leaves one rotting corpse behind moving to suck the financial blood from a fresh corporate. Today’s victim is Ascent Resources (AST).


Ascent Resources – “official response… has now been received” & surprise, surprise…

2019-06-14 11:00:38

Ascent Resources (AST) has updated commencing “the official response from the Ministry of the Environment has now been received by lawyers representing the joint venture”. And, unsurprisingly after yesterday, it ain’t good news…


Ascent Resources – having argued on permits “good grounds to hope that an objective review... should result in a favourable decision”…

2019-06-13 11:10:25

“Permitting update” from Ascent Resources (AST) that “a report has appeared on a Slovenian government website that the partners appeal against the issuance of the permit to re-stimulate Pg-10 and Pg-11A has been denied by the Environment Ministry”. Uh oh…


Ascent Resources – and there’s the placing as it exploits permit ‘delight’

2019-04-24 10:40:24

Ascent Resources (AST) “is pleased to announce that it has completed an oversubscribed placing of 214,285,714 ordinary shares… with a small number of institutional investors. The placing was conducted at a price of 0.35 pence per share”Particular credit to Evil Banksta – and the company “pleased to announce”, with the price a 30% discount to the prior close?! (“oversubscribed” not exactly an achievement then!)...


Ascent Resources - placing inevitable and imminent - surely it is time just to put this dog down?

2019-04-20 11:54:46

My attention was drawn to Ascent Resources (AST) last nightby a number of rampy comments on the boards.  It’s one that I’ve shorted in the past and if you can get borrow then I suggest that you think of doing that when markets open after the long weekend.  The analysis is simple: Ascent is a dog, its business model is farcical, it’s run out of cash again, rather coincidentally (as is always the case on AIM) the share price has been ramped in the last week and a discounted bucket shop placing must be just round the corner


Ascent Resources – permit ‘delight’… but still more needed

2019-04-15 13:58:51

Ascent Resources (AST) has updated that the “crucially important” IPPC permit has been confirmed by the Slovenian Environment Agency to the company’s partners “as fully valid, no further appeals against the permit are possible” – and shares in the company have currently responded to 0.625p, 25% higher…


Closing 5PM Sunday: This weekend's Primary Bid offer is Ascent Resources at 0.3p - you know I am almost tempted

2019-01-20 04:09:59

Ok Ascent (AST) has been screwed by the Slovenia government but it may yet extract value there and it is now ,looking at other "identified" opportunities. backed by Henderson it will survive and I do not blame the management for what happened but the Slovenes so I sort of rate Colin Hutchinson and his team. After all, an Ulster man can do no wrong in my eyes. So this is just a sub penny share punt and I am almost temptedto take up the offer via Primary Bid as a small flutter. Here's why...


Ascent Resources – having previously warned, what’s the latest?

2018-11-09 01:06:38

Having been slumping at the time of my previous update at the end of last month, shares in Ascent Resources (AST) have recently nudged higher, with the company having made “Posting of Circular and Notice of General Meeting” and “Corporate Update” announcements…


Ascent Resources – I warned ‘what’s happened with previous verbal assurances of support?’, and now…

2018-10-30 11:06:46

In early August, as its shares soared on the back of a “Permitting update” including “the company has been assured the required permits will be processed without undue, further delay, which the company takes to mean they should be issued in final form in the next two months”, I warned on Ascent Resources (AST) - positive permit assurances… but what’s happened with previous verbal assurances of support?. The shares are currently slumping on the back of a further permitting update…


Ascent Resources – positive permit assurances… but what’s happened with previous verbal assurances of support?

2018-08-09 13:51:41

After an “Operational Update” from Ascent Resources (AST), despite stating “pleased with the progress of the strategic review”, had seen the shares crashing at the start of this week, they are currently soaring on the back of a “Permitting update”


Ascent Resources – “pleased with the progress of the strategic review to date”. You cannot be serious!!!

2018-08-06 11:28:38

An “Operational Update” from Ascent Resources (AST) commences “as previously announced, the company commenced a strategic review in April 2018 to review the various options available for the company to maximise value for shareholders” and later includes “the board is pleased with the progress of the strategic review to date and discussions are ongoing with a number of different parties”. Good, good - ‘Pleasing’ progress towards maximising value for shareholders then… and the shares have currently responded… er, circa 40% lower towards 0.40p!?...


UK Investor Show 2018 Video: Colin Hutchinson of Ascent Resources

2018-04-29 04:50:47

Ascent Resources (AST) is controversial and with its strategic review, very much in the news. But the Ulster Man does not hide and so in that regard I SUFTUM - Colin Hutchinson could have ducked UK Investor but opted not to and here is what he had to say.


Ascent looks like it is about to begin another descent!

2018-04-18 00:16:03

Ascent Resources (AST) has hardly exactly lived up to its name in recent times, as it has been on a steady downwards trajectory for some time now. There's now been an RNS advising of a strategic review and a formal sale process for the company being initiated. Given its situation, I certainly wasn’t expecting the market to take the news particularly well - but the share price rocketed and even as I write this, it is currently 1.1p to buy - up more than 22% on the prior close.


Ascent Placing - the deal that shows Primary Bid has come of age

2017-10-30 05:06:55

If you are not a Primary Bid member you should join now HERE. Friday's deal by Ascent Resources (AST) shows why. The £1 million placing was announced at just after hours on Friday at 1.66p. Now look what happened...


This weekend's Primary Bid offer - its Ascent Resources (again): Deadline Sunday

2017-10-28 00:27:36

I seem to remember that this is the second time Ascent (AST) has used Primary Bid for a fund raise. The first time worked out well enough.. Anyhow it is back at the trough again raising £1 million in a fully underwritten offer at 1.66p.


Table of shorted AIM shares - week to 21/04/2017

2017-04-22 01:20:09

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following shows the shorted AIM shares with positions from 2016 and thus far in 2017 (by net short position %) - and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since last week...


Video: Colin Hutchinson, CEO of Ascent Resources, presents at UK Investor Show 2017

2017-04-21 01:52:16

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, Colin Hutchinson, CEO of Ascent Resources (AST), is at the podium. And make sure that you keep April 21 2018 free for next year's UK Investor Show.


Ascent Resources £3m fund raise shows PrimaryBid has come of age - why aren't you signed up?

2017-02-11 00:28:22

You know that I am a massive supporter of Primary Bid as it gives ordinary punters the chance to take part on placings hitherto reserved either for fund managers or for bucket shops. The platform has now really come of age with news of a £3 million fund raise for Ascent Resources (AST), a stock I quite like. If you are not signed up you are MAD so do so here.


Table of shorted AIM shares - week to 03/02/2017

2017-02-04 01:06:44

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following shows the shorted AIM shares with positions from 2016 and thus far in 2017 (by net short position %) - and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since last week...


Ascent Resources - doesn't give a FF about AIM Rules as it delays very bad news

2016-05-06 05:53:15

It is hard to know where AIM listed Ascent Resources (AST) has more problems - out East in Slovenia operationally or back in London where its total disregard for the AIM Rulebook should see it firmly in the soup. Here we are with a blatant rule breach, hands up who thinks bogus AIM Sheriff Marcus Stuttard will do anything about it? Er...I make that no-one.


Ascent Resources – RNSs with no Nomad sign-off?

2016-04-09 05:59:01

In the midst of the takeover approach by Cadogan (CAD) which fell by the wayside, AIM-listed Ascent Resources (AST) was changing Nomad from finnCap to Stockdale (the former Westhouse). But a couple of RNSs slipped through which did not bear the name of either as Nomad. One wonders why.


Bulletin Board Moron of the Week (9/16) Contest - Ascent Resources board the place to look

2016-04-03 11:13:37

Ascent (AST) admitted to a bid approach on Thursday and we own the shares (pro tem). I really do not wish to discourage morons from ramping this to high heaven but feel obliged to point out that those who could make us better off are, in fact, morons (HERE). Do you understand what I am saying? All I suggest is that Ascent boards will be happy hunting grounds if you wish to nominate for this Bulletin Board Moron contest. For instance, with the shares at 1.05p having doubled on Thursday, can you beat this tweet?


Late Lessons From the Descent of Ascent Resources & a funny thing happened in Cambodia

2016-04-02 02:19:56

I was going to recommend shorting Ascent (AST) but have been overtaken by the event of Cadogan (CAD) walking away from a highly prospective bid on Thursday night causing the shares to crater by 67% on the opening. Instead I will cover the characteristics of this trade because such opportunities do come up from time to time and should not be missed. I hate using the expression “no brainer” but being short Ascent in the last few days comes pretty close to defining the term.


More insider dealing, Ascent Morons to be rogered as Cadogan walks

2016-04-01 00:31:09

Shares in Ascent Resources (AST) plunged 15% on Thursday to 5.9p and at just after five O'Clock Cadogan Petroleum (CAD) announced that it had pulled out of takeover talks. Surely no insider dealing taking place there. The smell you can detect now is of burning fingers in the Bulletin Board Moron community.


A profit is never a profit until it is in the bank - ref Ascent Resources

2016-03-29 00:49:37

I would like to say thank you very much to all those Bulletin Board Morons who ignored my advice to sell shares in Ascent Resources and piled in to buy some more this morning. Thanks to them we were able to offload shares bought for £20,000 around Christmas for c46,000 after costs. Cheers. That will pay for a few ouzos. 


Ascent Resources - what happens next?

2016-03-27 10:39:37

Heck was that a cracking pre Easter treat! The day before the holidays shares in Ascent Resources (AST) raced ahead prompting the company to admit that it had received a bid approach from Cadogan Petroleum (CAD). Ascent shares gained 111% on the day to close at 1.95p valuing it at £3.1 million.


Ascent - great news but more to come soon - buy!

2016-02-25 05:45:05

Ascent Resources (AST) has delivered an “update to the market on further progress towards its goal of producing gas from the Petišovci field in 2016”. It is really great news but only the start.


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