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Supply@ME Capital – even a low grade rat wants to jump off this sinking ship

We have previously noted why Ms Susanne Chishti is unworthy of Non-Exec Director of the year. But even low-grade corporate rats know when the game is up.  The shock March 4 resignation of the one credible figure at Supply, its ex-chairman Jim Coyle, after just a few months at the helm, should have been a warning. Now, it appears that Chishti walked with immediate effect last Thursday.


Supply@Me Capital – did a proposed debt-financing flop? Statement needed ASAP!

If you look on the website, BondAdvisor-Report-FHIM-Trade-Finance-Bond.pdf (, there is a document seeking to raise $40 million for a US dollar fund, which had equity of $40 million (page 19) and launched on 4 August 2021.  Although not named as the subscale, loss-making asset manager, Tradeflow - owned by the almost insolvent fraud, Supply@ME Capital (SYME) - the subsequently proposed bond issue, detailed below, clarifies that it was indeed Tradeflow.


Supply@Me Capital – not a Turkish delight spoof as cash crisis becomes critical.

Next month, April 2022, auditors will have to decide of they can sign off on the accounts of the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME). There will be the usual restatements (aka admissions of past lies) but the big issue is, ceteris paribus, whether this company is deemed technically insolvent and can get a sign off at all.  A reminder of the maths before today’s, pathetic, spoofing is exposed.

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