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An apology to Mr David Lenigas, the UK's top analyst of gold stocks

Of course, I am not influenced at all by my ownership of a significant number of shares in Wishbone Gold (WSBN), at 15p valued at £24 million. I note the claim, below, by Mr David Lenigas that Wishbone's gold asset may offer a bigger gold target than that of Greatland Gold, market cap £856 million. If I have ever given the impression that I consider Mr Lenigas a penny share pushing stock promoter prone to laughable hyperbole I would like to apologise. The man, as you can see below, is the most prudent and conservative analyst of high quality gold stocks in Britain today. He is a National treasure.


Another heartfelt apology to Mr David Lenigas

If I have ever given the impression that Mr David Lenigas, aka Big Dave, is a shameless ramper and promoter of penny shares, I would like to apologise most sincerely. As a fellow shareholder In Wishbone Gold (WSBN), I note the tweet below and it must now be clear to all that Mr Lenigas is the most thoughtful, balanced and objective analyst of gold stocks here in London and, as the late great father of the late Paula Yates used to say, "I mean that most sincerely." Mind you, on this occasion, Mr Lenigas might actually be right.

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