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After scoop by UK's top financial journalist, Omega Diagnostics and Paul "Queenie" McManus ‘fess to discounted placing but deceive (again) about finances

On Friday I reported that Omega Diagnostics (ODX) was sounding out folks about a deeply discounted bailout placing, at as low as 5p. This was not speculation, this was not guesswork. I had a source. This is what is called good journalism, a scoop, printing something of note that the subject does not want to read. Today Omega ‘fessed up but, natch, it also deceived.


Omega Diagnostics manifestly deceives investors as CEO walks the plank

If the share price of a company is in sharp decline and the CEO walks it is for one of two reasons and neither is good. It could be that the CEO knows that things can only get worse and wants to put as much clear blue water between him and a ship that is bound to sink. Or the rest of the board know that stakeholders will only do what is needed to try to keep the ship afloat if there is a change of captain, it is an admission that the ship is in deep trouble. Either way it is always a sign to sell or short or add to shorts and that brings me to Omega Diagnostics (ODX) where I have been a long term bear.

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