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Nostra Terra, the deception, the Dilution the stitch up. J’accuse Matt Lofrgran

On April Fool’s day there was an upbeat statement from Nostra Terra (NTOG) promising all sorts of good things. What it neglected to mention was that trade creditors had risen to £230,000 as the cash burning enterprise had no cash and so imply could not afford to pay its bills. One of those owed cash (£60,000) was Nomad Strand Hanson, boy how it must have been hoping for a placing….


BREAKING: The Letter Matt Lofgran and Nostra Terra do NOT want shareholders to see

Yesterday another dog cursed by the hex that is a Gervais Williams investment, that is to say Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG), published details of a sack the board EGM and the management’s case for staying on. What, in a cowardly fashion, it refused to do, as I believe it should have done is publish the letter that the requisitioner, Eridge Capital run by flip flop Ben Turney, wanted to send to shareholders. Fear not… the letter, outside of all paywalls, is below. Nostra Terra shareholders should read it and vote to sack chairman Ewan Ainsworth - in light of the scandalous pay revelations below - and hapless Lofgran after this bombshell.  Sack the board!  

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