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Cineworld – trading statement ignores the elephant in the room

Cineworld (CINE) reckons that as the world emerges from the scamdemic its trading is improving helped by some really great movie releases. I am not quite so sure about that and today’s trading update misses out the most critical number investors need to see, the movement in the vast debts in which this company is drowning. That omission tells you all you need to know.


Kicking another man who is down, Cineworld - sell with sub 10p target

I trust that numerous warnings from myself and Lucian have allowed you to make good money from shorting Cineworld (CINE) all the way down. The shares have collapsed this week on news that it has lost a Canadian court case and is on the hook for C$1.23 billion but that merely accelerates the end game here. Do not even think of closing your short at 31p.  My target is buttons. Post an inevitable debt for equity swap and bailout placing this is a penny share.


Does Cineworld need to deliver a profits warning?

In its November 15 trading update Cineworld (CINE) included a table, which compared revenue from months in 2021 with revenue from months in 2019.  This was an attempt to illustrate that cinema viewings were returning to pre-covid levels, the CEO specifically commented that “We are thrilled to see audiences returning in significant numbers”. As Tom pointed out then, Cineworld made these comparisons notwithstanding that October 2021 had five weekends whilst October 2019 only had four weekends.  Given that cinema viewings tend to cluster around the weekend, this meant that the October 2021 numbers artificially appeared stronger than reality.

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