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12 March 2013, 19:00 | By Steve Moore |

Imagination Technologies – have investors envisaged the uncertainties?

Imagination Technologies (IMG), the FTSE 250 technology chip designer, has updated on trading since its 31st October 2012 half year-end. At a current 550p, the shares are massively ahead of their 33.25p November 2008 lows but down on the in excess of 700p they reached in March and April of 2012. The following reviews the company’s trading update and whether the current share price represents value…

12 March 2013, 00:48 | By Robert Sutherland Smith |

Pearson: Better than average yield but are the shares cheap?

Pearson’s (PSON) results for calendar 2012 have returned its accounting for the layman to an even greater inscrutability than that which it enjoyed years ago, when it was an extraordinary, almost eclectic collection of activities ranging from publishing to oil; a bit like going back from the renaissance to the dark ages.

11 March 2013, 20:19 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Barratt Interim Results Comment – Still a sell

In February I published a detailed comment on housebuilder and FTSE 250 constituent Barratt Developments (BDEV), stating that a recent upbeat trading statement meant that then upcoming results should contain no nasty surprises but that for a cyclical company seemingly approaching the top of the cycle, the valuation was simply too high. Now, post the results, the following updates my view…

11 March 2013, 19:00 | By Steve Moore |

Anite plc – darkening share price presenting a glimmer of opportunity?

Shares in Anite plc (AIE), a FTSE 250 constituent and provider of testing systems to the wireless market and reservation and e-commerce solutions to the leisure travel industry, at the time of writing trade more than 16% down on today, at 130p, following the company’s release of an update covering the period from 1st November to 8th March. The shares are still significantly ahead on late 2008 lows of sub 21p and sub 94p at the start of 2012, but does today’s move provide an opportunity? The following reviews this…

9 March 2013, 00:50 | By Robert Sutherland Smith |

HSBC: profits better than they looked with more dividend growth in the pipeline. Back in buying range.

HSBC (HSBA) performed strongly throughout the great banking collapse of the first decade, of the twenty first century like a good deed in a naughty world by hanging on to much of its custom, practice and culture, when other banks were swapping their dull conservative garb for emperor’s new clothes. Chief amongst the traditions kept by HSBC was a miserly Scottish grip on capital. A lucky break for HSBC shareholders and a lucky break for UK tax payers. In the bankers’ gospel does it says: ‘blessed are they who employ sufficient capital for they shall inherit the earth’. And that is pretty much what we see in these results for the year to 31 December 2012.

8 March 2013, 19:00 | By Steve Moore |

Dialight plc – an enlightening growth story?

Dialight plc (DIA), a FTSE 250 constituent focused on solid state lighting technology for industrial application, traffic and obstruction signals and components for status indication and residual disconnect components for automotive and niche industrial application, last week announced results for the 2012 calendar year. These have helped the shares – up from only just over 100p late 2008 lows – further higher; from a 1,165p close prior to the results announcement to a current 1,300p. Capitalising the company at approaching £418 million, the following reviews the results and the value on offer here…

8 March 2013, 19:00 | By Steve Moore |

Invensys plc – attractive inventiveness and systems?

Invensys plc (ISYS) is a current FTSE 250 constituent and provider of market-leading software, systems and equipment that optimise operational performance for a broad range of industrial and commercial customers, rail operators and appliance manufacturers. It does so via three divisions – Operations Management, Rail and Controls. However, in November the company announced a proposed £1.742 billion disposal of its rail business to Siemens to create “a more focused industrial software, systems and control equipment group with a significant exposure to higher growth and higher margin segments and the resources to invest in them”. Following a further update from the company earlier this year, the following is my view…

8 March 2013, 01:07 | By Robert Sutherland Smith |

British American Tobacco: buy a dividend dream machine at 3521p.

Belonging to a generation of children who smoked Turf cigarettes on London bombed sites to collect the cards of famous film stars and whose culturally formative involvement with cigarettes was through the allure of films like the Maltese Falcon I start this review to camera – as they say.

7 March 2013, 20:22 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Domino's Pizza - should you follow Nigel Wray and sell?

I wrote positively towards the end of last month on then just released 2012 results from Domino's Pizza Group (DOM) – commenting that “as a core mid cap growth and income holding the company continues not to put a foot wrong and at 525p the shares remain undervalued”. However, a couple of days later the company announced significant share sales by non-executive Chairman, Stephen Hemsley, and non-executive director Nigel Wray. Despite this the shares are now 573p. So should you follow Hemsley and my old friend Wray and sell a few?

28 February 2013, 01:10 | By Robert Sutherland Smith |

Imperial Tobacco: An Outstanding Dividend Buy

As an arithmetically and financially attractive income share, Imperial  Toboacco (IMT) or “Imps” looks to be an outstanding buy at 2344p. Here is why. There are in fact two reasons – Imps is the object of two very distinct investing perspectives.

27 February 2013, 19:00 | By Steve Moore |

Halma plc – a safety-first investment?

Halma plc (HLMA), a FTSE 250 constituent and safety, health and environmental technology group – with products including fire detectors, access control sensors, medical devices and environmental analysis instruments – updated earlier this month that it “expects adjusted profit for the full year to be in line with market expectations” and that it has “maintained strong returns and achieved good cash generation, which provide us with the financial capacity for further acquisitions and investment”. However, this is another shares in which have risen strongly recently, as the FTSE 250 index has. With the shares up from March 2009 lows of 143.2p and 330.4p at the start of 2012, the following reviews whether value remains at the current 493p, which capitalises this company at £1.86 billion…

26 February 2013, 20:56 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Domino’s Pizza – Impressive 2012 Results and Growth on track

FTSE 250 listed Domino’s Pizza (DOM) has announced its results for the 53 weeks to 30th December 2012 and there were no great surprises – what news there was seemed to be positive. As a core mid cap growth and income holding the company continues not to put a foot wron and at 525p the shares remain undervalued.

26 February 2013, 20:54 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Redrow – another housebuilder reports good numbers but the shares are overvalued

Today it was the turn of FTSE 250 listed Redrow (RDW) to report its numbers for the 6 months to 31st December 2012 and while some of the numbers look good, some do not and there is a solid case to be made for selling this stock notwithstanding the sharp increase in earnings just reported.

26 February 2013, 19:00 | By Steve Moore |

AVEVA Group – are there further share price gains to be engineered?

AVEVA Group plc (AVV), a FTSE 250 engineering software provider, has, like its index, enjoyed a good recent re-rating – the shares up from 465p 2009 lows and 1,430p at the start of 2012 to a present 2,300p – this capitalising the company at a current £1.57 billion. After a trading update at the end of last month, the following asks whether there remains value on offer here…

26 February 2013, 01:11 | By Robert Sutherland Smith |

Vodafone: After 6 month underperformance a share worth buying

Vodafone (VOD) is at the cutting edge of the application of digital information technology which it supplies to a world of clamouring, fastidious consumer demand. The mobile phone is taking and increasing share of Internet communications business including data transmission, the latest commercial opportunity and phone company objective, from PC’s laptops and tablets. It is transformational; exciting stuff socially and economically.

25 February 2013, 20:57 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Buy Britvic at 425p with an eighteen month target of 519p

It has been an eventful month for FTSE 250 listed Britvic (BVIC) the producer of soft and fizzy drinks. On the upside the company served up a pretty decent trading statement on the 13th February. On the downside, a day later, its proposed takeover of AG Barr was derailed by a reference to the Competition Commission. Amid all the drama and excitement around St Valentine’s day there sits at the centre a solid growth story which is undervalued by the market. There is a decent capital gain to be enjoyed here for the patient investor with the added attraction of a 4.2% yield.

25 February 2013, 19:00 | By Steve Moore |

Oxford Instruments – making a noise in the nanotechnology space

Oxford Instruments (OXIG), a provider of high technology tools and systems for industry and research, was the first technology business to be spun out from Oxford University and is now a FTSE 250 constituent. It has become so as it has successfully innovated to become a leading provider of new generation tools and systems, with the shares having risen from little more than 100p in March 2009 to currently trade at 1,726p – capitalising the company at £982 million. Following a trading update earlier this month, the following reviews whether there remains value on offer here…

22 February 2013, 21:31 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Barratt Developments – a monumental bet on house prices defying historic norms – sell

FTSE 250 listed, Housebuilder Barratt Developments (BDEV) issued an upbeat trading statement on 16th January covering the six months to 31st December and there is little doubt that the results out next week will contain no nasty surprises. The company has a forward order book equivalent to around four months of sales and as such there is no reason to expect any great change in trading in the second half. Yet with house prices now on a multiple of average wages seem only once before in living memory ( 2007) and with the normal catalyst for a house price correction ( a rise in interest rates) surely only a matter of time the current rating looks untenable.

22 February 2013, 20:59 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Bovis – The Good News is More than Discounted – Sell

January was a good month for FTSE 250 listed housebuilder Bovis (BVS) – an upbeat trading statement on the 18th was followed by news on the 30th that it had extended its £150 million debt facility for three more years. Not that it needs to borrow as it has net cash. However the shares have enjoyed a terrific run, from 400p last June to 674.5p, which values the firm at £897 million and the good news is more than discounted.

22 February 2013, 16:02 | By Robert Sutherland Smith |

BA System’s 2012 results: be aware of crucial assumptions made

BAE Systems (BA.) the British aerospace and defence contractor  was the  subject of a pre-results assessment by myself last month which was not of the optimistic variety, produced its results for calendar 2012 on 21st February. It is to be congratulated on the speed at which it presented its numbers and on the optimistic presentation of the state of play. But my assessment is not changed and is, I think somewhat vindicated.

23 May 2017, 15:23 | By ShareProphets |

The May edition of the UK Investor Magazine is live - Tips, UK Investor Show photo feature, and the the end of the EU

The May edition of the UK Investor Show Magazine is live featuring three share tips from Gary Newman, the Greek meltown is worse than everyone thinks, and the EU is not fit for purpose plus a photofeature from the 2017 UK Investor Show.


21 May 2017, 12:58 | By ShareProphets |

New Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Contest - sponsored by Quindell founder & fraudster Rob Terry

This week's sponsor, serial company founder Rob Terry, has been in the news this past week over a lawsuit brought by Aussie legal poltroons Slater & Gorden claiming to be deceived over the legal division that they bought from Quindell. Slater & Gordon will probably do just fine unless Quindell (QPP) or Watchstone (WTG) as it is called these days, points out ShareProphets sent S&G a docket of articles before the purchase went through. Anything to help the boys and girls at Quindell!

17 May 2017, 08:18 | By Malcolm Stacey |

In Touch Company Deserves Your Attention as Profits Rise

Hello Share Shufflers. There is a Geordie company which wages war on switches and buttons. It makes touch sensors. You’ll see this kind of technology everywhere these days, beginning with your mobile phone.

17 May 2017, 08:33 | By Nigel Somerville, the Deputy Sheriff of AIM |

Advanced Oncotherapy – yet another director ponies up, EGM seemingly avoided and Bracknor converts. Most bizarre

Well this is most bizarre! Lobster-potted Bracknor has converted another lump of its death-spiral loan notes. That, of course, is not a great surprise until you study the detail of yesterday morning’s announcement from AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO), where we discover that the conversion shares have been issued not at the lowest daily volume-weighted average price of the past 15 days (21.35p) as per previously announced conversion terms, but at 25p (par price of the shares). Why has Bracknor elected to pay a 17% premium?

17 May 2017, 08:32 | By Darren Atwater |

Labour's manifesto doesn't just make sense, it adds up

The Tory-controlled media has been working overtime to convince voters that Labour wants a return to the bad old days of the 70s, with its fox hunts, its universities for the elites, and, wait... that's not right. Oh yes, the Tory-controlled media says that the Labour manifesto is a pinko-commie cloud-cookoo land fiscal LSD dream. It turns out that it is not.


17 May 2017, 08:44 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Labour's Maths does not add up - Darren Atwater, Paul Mason and all the other London elitists are innumerate

Our in-house remoaning, money tree-worshipping, metropolitan elitist, Darren Atwater has posted an article suggesting that Labour's manifesto maths adds up. Maybe Diane Abbott and Darren think so, but no-one else will be fooled.


17 May 2017, 08:33 | By Pizza Hardman Darren Atwater |

17 May 2017, 09:37 | By Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore |

Petropavlovsk – board structure update amidst attempted coup

Petropavlovsk (POG) has updated on the attempted boardroom coup – including on its process to appoint an independent Non-Executive Chairman, a further independent Non-Executive director and opposition to the requisitioning shareholder nominees.

17 May 2017, 09:48 | By HotStockRockets |

Optibiotix - launch of Slimbiome and LPLDL products. Read closely & buy

OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) has announced what it terms the "successful" launch of its SlimBiome® and LPLDL® products at the Vitafoods Europe tradeshow in Geneva from the 9-11 of May 2017. The event provided the opportunity to connect with 16,500 industry decision makers from the supplements, nutraceutical, functional food and beverage industries. This is viewed as one of the world's leading trade fairs for the food and drinks industry. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Companies always say launches are successful. More jam tomorrow. So what. Etc. But no read on... We have underlined a few key words for you.

17 May 2017, 10:01 | By Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore |

InterQuest – possible management buyout offer, a piss take

With shares in InterQuest (ITQ) yesterday having increased on the day from comfortably below 40p to well above, at 3:51pm (noting the “recent share price movement” - nothing suspicious to concern AIM regulation then!) a newly created company (Chisbridge Ltd) formed by Gary Ashworth, Chris Eldridge and David Bygrave (respectively InterQuest Chairman, CEO and CFO and 33.3%, 0% and 0.1% shareholders) ‘confirmed’ “that it is evaluating making an offer for InterQuest at 42 pence per share in cash with a full loan note alternative”. They're taking the piss, surely...

17 May 2017, 12:50 | By Steve Moore |

Proxama – having spent “throughout 2016” trying to sell Digital Payments division, now asks us to believe it’s “the best owner” after all!

Proxama (PROX), 13th December 2016: “We have been reviewing various options throughout 2016 to sell the Digital Payments division with a priority being to maximise shareholder value… The company remains committed to the sale and we believe that it will be completed”Today: “the board has concluded that we remain the best owner for Digital Payments division… retaining this division as part of the group, with an updated strategy”. Haha – so having spent “throughout 2016” trying to sell the business and stating it “committed to the sale”, we’re now asked to believe that the company is actually “the best owner” for the business after all!?!...

17 May 2017, 15:10 | By Steve Moore |

Foxtons – Q1 2017 trading update, still a short?

London estate agency Foxtons (FOXT) has updated on the first quarter of 2017, seeing a significant decline in revenue on the corresponding 2016 period though arguing “performance has been in line with the board's expectations”

17 May 2017, 16:44 | By Steve Moore |

Corero – announces “secures second $1m+ SmartWall customer”. How much is the order for?

An announcement entitled “Corero (CNS) secures second $1m+ SmartWall customer”. Sounds good but, having previously written bearishly on this company, let’s take a look at the detail here…

18 May 2017, 08:03 | By Malcolm Stacey |

As Hackers and Computer Bandits Grow in Strength, so Does the Presence of this Techno Sheriff

Hello Share Graters. I’m always trying to find companies you may not be aware of. It’s a way of widening the scope of this largely critical website. Today I commend to your further investigation a company called Defenx (DFX).

18 May 2017, 08:12 | By Tom Winnifrith |

If Corbyn wins the election I'd be better off moving my business to Greece - the simple maths

Jeremy Corbyn has promised to raise Corporation Tax from 19% to 26%, while the tax on dividends in the UK is now 25%. As far as I know that is not going to be increased by Labour, but who knows? The bottom line is that, as a part-time Greek resident but UK taxpayer, it actually makes sense for me to become a Greek resident and Greek taxpayer if Labour wins. Yes, this economic basket case run by socialist lunatics is a better place for me to do my business than a Corbyn-run Britain. Here are the maths....


18 May 2017, 10:11 | By Nigel Somerville, the Deputy Sheriff of AIM |

Advanced Oncotherapy – another Bracknor Conversion, but look at the terms: how’s the Going Concern statement coming along?

Well, well. How do you issue shares at a discount to par? Simple: pay a whopping fee to the subscriber. AIM-listed Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO) has announced another loan note conversion under its death-spiral funding package with Bracknor and a new fee seems to have appeared which might just derail discussions between the company and its auditor as they work on the going concern statement for the forthcoming FY16 results due out by the end of next month. Oh dear, oh dear.

18 May 2017, 09:56 | By Tom Winnifrith |

K3 Business Technology – another profit warning, faith lost. Sell.

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has updated that it “now believes that the results for the year to 30 June 2017 will be significantly below current market expectations” as “certain large Enterprise contracts have not been secured as expected”...

23 May 2017, 15:23 | By ShareProphets |

The May edition of the UK Investor Magazine is live - Tips, UK Investor Show photo feature, and the the end of the EU

The May edition of the UK Investor Show Magazine is live featuring three share tips from Gary Newman, the Greek meltown is worse than everyone thinks, and the EU is not fit for purpose plus a photofeature from the 2017 UK Investor Show.


22 May 2017, 08:26 | By Nigel Somerville |

Is Tom Winnifrith right to out companies doing placings?

The busting of a placing by AIM-listed UK Oil and Gas (UKOG) at 1p by Tom Winnifrith has caused a bit of controversy. It is not the first time he has been accused of being irresponsible by blowing the lid on a placing only for it to be pulled or the price dropped. Anyone left holding the baby gets their fingers burned – in the recent example quite badly if they had been buying into the ramp at north of 1.4p only to see the company raise cash at just 0.8p. Is it right?

23 May 2017, 15:23 | By Tom Winnifrith |

New Bulletin Board Moron of the week sponsored by Granny Snuffs & Wildes

The nauseating Mail on Sunday fawned upon Pippa Middleton and her ghastly family as they celebrated the "wedding of the Year"Bring on the revolution! But perhaps the real wedding of the year should be between our two very own in-house Bulletin Board Morons GrannySnuffs & Wildes who seem made for each other. can you find examples on the LSE Asylum, iii, ADVFN or twitter of comments more idiotic than those of our own dream team? If so post in the comments section below, the deadline is midnight Sunday 28th May.


22 May 2017, 15:31 | By Steve Moore |

Infrastrata – cash crunch & sack-the-board General Meeting ahoy… so it’s strategic review time!

Having bought itself some time by declaring an initial sack-the-board General Meeting requisition “invalid” (a revised, valid requisition announced by it at an attempted ‘no one watching o’clock’, 5:15 pm, on Friday), Infrastrata (INFA) has this afternoon made a “Review of stategic options & project update” announcement...

22 May 2017, 16:31 | By Nigel Somerville |

Minoan – acquisition, placing, debt update

AIM-listed travel agent and wannabe Greek holiday resort developer Minoan (MIN) announced a small bolt-on acquisition this morning….and a placing. Oh, and an update on its debt facility due to expire at the end of June. It is disappointing to see a placing (at 9p), but in the general scheme of things it is a relatively small amount so the pill is sugared to some extent.

22 May 2017, 08:24 | By Pizza Hardman Darren Atwater |

23 May 2017, 08:35 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Amryt at 22.5p worth 62p - new 44 page report

Take a look! European investors are clearly failing to grasp the very significant financial and commercial benefits available for Orphan or Rare Disease drug developers. So much so in fact, that sector-focussed Amryt Pharma (AMYT) finds no quoted peers in London, yet a good basket of NASDAQ-listed comparables are seen to command a significant premium despite mostly being pre-revenue and somewhat earlier in their development. Such anomalies can and, of course, do rapidly correct. 

23 May 2017, 08:35 | By Cynical Bear |

Challenger Acquisitions: Shameful rampathon – the FCA should investigate

Any reader of my pieces will know I hold Challenger Acquisitions (CHAL) in pretty low regard but the outrageous ramping that has now gone on for the last four trading days is an absolute disgrace and the FCA should take a look. I’ll explain.

22 May 2017, 10:03 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Eden Research - Financials suggest its going tits up, FRC pans it after my request), Part 1

Eden Research (EDEN) has today published godawful results and admitted that my very good friends at the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) investigated it - after I requested such an investigation - and have forced it to restate past numbers. It claims that the FRC has now settled all matters. Au contraire. that is another lie from the fraudsters and there are many more porkies in this statement. Truly, the pants of shamed PR Paul Queenie McManus of Walbrook will be cinders and ash after this effort. This all came out as Eden published Godawful numbers for calendar 2016.

23 May 2017, 08:34 | By ShareProphets |

UK Investor Show 2017 ‘Dragon’s Den’ picks update

The sold-out success that was the 1st April 2017 UK Investor Show again saw five 'Dragon's Den' sessions where a number of CEOs each gave a pitch and three Dragons each picked one stock for a £1,000 investment. How are they faring so far?...


23 May 2017, 08:34 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Andalas raises £600,000 - which means net cash is less than ZERO - it's still bust & worthless

With some great investigative journalism of which this website would have been proud, Brokerman Dan flushed it out a few weeks ago. The former bank robber - correctly - stated that Andalas (ADL) was looking to raise £1 million at 0.06p and the AIM listed crock of shit suspended its shares. Today they are unsuspended after the company raised £600,000 at 0.1p. It says this is at a premium to the suspension price. But it is a spoof, Andalas is still bust. It is insolvent as of today!

22 May 2017, 10:02 | By Tom Winnifrith |

Malcolm Stacey misquotes me but is wrong about Inmarsat anyway - don't fight the tide

Malcolm Stacey is old enough to know about King Canute. In fact he is so old that he was there as a boy when the King sat in his chair on the beach and attempted to turn back the tide. Malcolm surely you remember the day as if it was yesterday? In which case why do you forget this valuable lesson when it comes to Inmarsat (ISAT) and your article today in which you misquote me and get it wrong in so many other ways.

22 May 2017, 10:01 | By David Scott |

Elect a clown, get a Circus

"A credit crunch is brewing and when it happens, the UK is going to get hurt."  These are not my words but the start of the Editorial in this weekend’s Guardian. The article then went on to say "That is the message emerging from senior executives in the financial services industry, who do not think Britain has changed that much since the 2008 credit disaster and the devastating crash that followed. Three developments lie at the heart of this disturbing analysis: spectacular growth in the sale of second mortgages, car loans and credit cards." I would heartily agree with these comments as this is my experience too. But what the article fails to say is that the UK is not alone in this debt bubble - once more it is a Global issue.


22 May 2017, 08:09 | By Malcolm Stacey |

After Falling to Earth, This Sci-fi Share May Rocket, Once Mr Spock Locks On

Hello Share Scoopers. There have been quite a few occasions now that I’ve commended a Footsie satellite company to your attention. On each mention, as I recall, the share grew in value. However, last year the shares took a big knock.

23 May 2017, 08:16 | By Malcolm Stacey |

All Eyes On OPEC. Will It Come Up with Goods or Will our Oil Shares Slide Down a Greasy Pole?

One of the most fascinating scenes I’ve seen for some time is the sight of Big Donald jigging around with some sort of weird entertainment put on by the Saudi’s for the President's visit. It almost made me forget the big benefit of this amiable state visit on share shifters like us. And that of course is that the President’s friendly reception sent the oil price up.

22 May 2017, 11:35 | By Steve Moore |

Corero Network Security – service launch of a contract announced a month ago. Ramptastic!

An announcement from Corero Network Security (CNS) with a headline “Corero Tier 1 Internet service provider customer GTT Communications, Inc. launches DDoS Mitigation service”. Then “further to the announcement on 19 April 2017 regarding a Global Tier 1 Internet service provider customer win… announces that the customer, GTT Communications, Inc. (NYSE: GTT), has launched its DDoS Mitigation service”“Global Tier 1” now hey! And you what? The contract win has already been announced? Ramptastic…